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+ Exceed hygiene standards
+ Optimise beverage output
+ Reduce capital investment
+ Reduce running costs and downtime

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Scanjet Systems provides global beverage manufacturers with tank cleaning solutions that deliver microbiological quality assurance – an essential requirement for many major brand supplier.

In the beverage industry our understanding of responsible tank cleaning is to help you achieve the optimum balance of factors, such as quality of clean, water consumption, low temperature, minimal chemicals, shortest time and least manpower.

Our team of experts comprises beverage process specialists and hygiene engineers having quality compliance and HACCP experience across the alcohol and juice industries. We are globally positioned with our own offices and partners across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. We are familiar with the needs of global beverage brand owners in applying the highest common standards to tank cleaning in all manufacturing locations.

The Scanjet Systems Bio range of tank cleaning devices lead the market in concern for hygienic self cleaning design. Particular attention is paid to self cleaning features of the machine body on the Bio 10 and Bio 25 rotary jetheads…Considered a first in the world of tank cleaning machine design.

The benefits of this attention to detail are that, unlike competing devices, no additional nozzles, attachments or operator input is required in order to ensure the unit is itself clean at the end of the CIP cycle. Internal design is based on internationally recognised EHEDG guidelines which avoids bug traps and ensures self draining.

Whether cleaning tanks containing juice concentrate, raw milk, liquefied sugar or distillery washbacks and beer fermenters the Scanjet Systems Bio range of rotary jetheads is able to impact clean all surfaces within a guaranteed time and flow rate. For your specific tanks our experts will advise which device and prescribe operational best practice.