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Reym Recognised for Non-man-entry Tank Cleaning Solution Using Scanjet Nozzles

The Dutch industrial services company Reym has been awarded the ‘CASOS Golden Best Practice’ prize for their tank cleaning solution, more


+ Improving ethanol fermentations

+ Protecting contractor safety

+ Increasing oil storage efficiencies

+ ATEX zone zero certified equipment

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Scanjet leads the world market for cleaning oil tanks on board ships of all shapes and sizes and now Scanjet Systems is bringing this experience to the land based tanks throughout the energy industries.

Responsible tank cleaning requires a total evaluation of how, when and what to clean in a way that protects workers, maximises output and optimises environmental considerations.

With energy costs being a major factor in businesses and also our daily lives and with alternative renewable fuels and energy sources becoming more available every provider is taking a fresh look at how their tanks are utilised in the respective processes.

Scanjet Systems’ engineers have been improving tank cleaning in energy businesses around the world for many years. We have developed technical partnerships with contractors preparing oil storage tanks for inspection. With offices and partners in EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific we are positioned to support global companies requiring a consistently high standard of tank cleaning equipment.

Our development capability extends to new tank cleaning devices which are new application specific and in some cases customer exclusive. In all of these cases our approach always addresses worker safety as our priority.

Scanjet Systems tank cleaning units are designed for energy tanks.  In a world where tanks can be very large, in exposed areas and seldom visited, the user needs to have complete confidence in reliability and when planned maintenance is required, to then service the unit without removal from the tank and without loss of tank liquid or gas contents.

In addition our machine’s design should be capable of ensuring complete impact coverage of all internal surfaces . in specific cases machine size has to be specially designed so that the units can be portably introduced through the existing tank top access points.

Engineering drawings showing ideal positioning are part of technical support to ensure optimal performance from the minimum number of tank cleaning machines.

Within the bio ethanol market the emphasis can include maximising filling and fermentation capacity through extensive use of antifoams and addition of tank washing devices that operate during the fermentation to reduce the required foam space.

Further examples are in deciding whether external drive tank cleaning units are preferred in fermenter applications where solids/particulates would create risk of blockage in internally geared units.

Whether it’s supplying equipment to contractors servicing oil tanks, or designing new devices to automate manual hazardous cleaning processes or just helping the bio ethanol industry produce more from the same tank capacity, the Scanjet Systems team will be pleased to assist.

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