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Serving Industry Responsibly with

+ Guaranteed cleaning

+ Operator safety

+ Shortest downtime

+ Reduced costs

Scanjet is the world’s leading supplier of tank  cleaning equipment. Our people carry the most experience in applying tank cleaning equipment across industrial applications.

Ranging from microbiologists, engineers and process specialists, we have been solving tank cleaning challenges for more than 60 years. During this time, we have developed a leading product range that caters for tanks of all shapes and sizes in both sanitary and non-sanitary industries.

With our well proven history in the Marine markets, we are now proud to offer the global industrial markets a wealth of knowledge, solid proven products and service that is shaping the future of tank cleaning.

Our team speaks many languages and travel globally to support our offices, regional partners and your applications wherever this may be located.

Our Corporate Office, Design and Manufacturing facilities are based in Sweden with local offices situated around the globe. From each local office we operate with regional sales partners to give you the fast local support you need.

Through our time spent with our customers, we have gained a thorough appreciation of cultures and expectations. Our people have learnt that not every tank cleaning application is simple to solve and that we need to stay with every project until you, as our customer, are satisfied that we have delivered a responsible tank cleaning solution.

Scanjet is able to offer its customers full CIP systems for any application.

Every tank is an individual and the Scanjet engineers are always at your service.