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At Scanjet we pride ourselves on our first class product line, products that are truly made to fit your requirements. We work with many industries, each with their own unique specifications, certifications and exacting demands.

Our Bio range of rotary spray heads (RSH) and rotary jet heads (RJH) is built for the sanitary industries, in strict accordance with the regulations and specifications of EHEDG and 3A.

Our SC range of models covers a wide range of applications in the non-sanitary industries, from oil, to pulp & paper, to the liquid transport sector — in fact, wherever there is a dirty tank that needs cleaning, our SC range has a suitable machine for the job.  Even ATEX (Zone 0 and 1) certified models are available for use in the oil and petrochemical industries’ most hazardous of environments.

Bio Series — Rotary Spray Heads
Bio Series — Rotary Jet Heads
SC 15 Series
SC 20 Series

Air-driven, High pressure

Air-driven, Low pressure

Electric, High pressure

Electric, Low pressure

SC 30 Series
SC 40 Series
SC 45 Series
SC 60 Series
SC 90 Series

Portable air-driven fan

Water-driven gas-freeing fan

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