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Scanjet SC 15TW GL is a tank cleaning machine specially developed for cleaning of tanks in harsh environments. Tanks with volumes up to 5000 m³ can be cleaned by one single unit.

Typical installations are onboard offshore supply vessels, drilling rigs, barges, chemical carriers, product carriers or industrial processes – all types of installations where solid particles are or can be in the cleaning media.

The size, construction and cleaning requirements of these tanks are our design criteria, which will be evaluated prior to installation and operation.

The SC 15TW GL can be used either as a fixed installed machine, installed on a down pipe, or as a portable system to be used in different tanks/vessels, mounted on a hose with a supporting hose saddle.

Working Principle
The cleaning media flows through the machine to the nozzles and out in the tank, cleaning all surfaces with powerful high impact jets. The flow will pass the turbine which will start the rotary motion of the gearbox. This movement will create a criss-cross pattern on the tank walls, covering 360° of the tank.

The first cycle will create a wide pattern, Pre Wash, on the tank walls, the following cycles will dense the pattern until a full program is reached after 4 cycles.

The gearbox is oil lubricated and sealed of from the cleaning media.

Key Features

Optimised cleaning effect

Easy handling

+ Safe operation

+ Designed for long lifetime

+ Media lubricated

+ Oil lubricated

+ 180deg down (option)

Typical Applications

+ Onboard offshore supply vessels

+ Drilling rigs

+ Barges

+ Chemical carriers

+ Product carriers

+ Industrial processes