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The innovative tank cleaning monitoring system WashTrac™ improves the efficiency and control of the tank cleaning procedure.

A more efficient tank cleaning procedure gives shorter turn around time in port, increasing the profitability. With WashTrac™ there will be no downtime and no missed charters.

The economical reasons are also obvious. WashTrac™ optimizes the cleaning media consumption and it can provide for cost calculation with immediate control and alarm transferred to headquarters. With control over total running time, correct service intervals can be planned for.

WashTrac™ gives better safety. The systems is a quarantee that the tank cleaning is performed correctly. alarms will indicate if malfunction appears.

No discussion
MARPOL 73/78 (1994,1995 amendments) stipulates that prewash has to be performed after cargo discharge. With WashTrac™ printed prewash record there will be no no discussion about the cleaning performance when the Port authority makes the prewash procedure inspection. with printed prewash reports there is a record of total running time, starts and stops.

Operating status presented on Work Station
Also Intertanko and the Norwegean Superintendent’s Association recommended the system for monitoring and control of the tank cleaning procedure.

Each Scanjet tank cleaning machine is equipped with a sensor that indicates when the machineis running. The sensor is connected to the Emerson Process Management gauge on deck. There is no need for extra cabling n order to present the information on the Work Station via the Supply and Communication Unit (SCU).

The operators interface will present an overview where the operator can monitor the cleaning procedure.

Key Features

+ Operating status of tank cleaning machines

+ Start/Stop alram of tank cleaning machines

+ Operation and prewash data loggong on printer

+ Various options available

Printed Record-Prewash

+ Name of port

+ Washing program

+ Tank number

+ Start time

+ Tank capacity

+ Running time

+ Cargo grade

+ Date of report

+ Tank cleaning machine