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chile itinerary 3 weeks

When you exit the airport, be sure to get an official taxi and NOT one … If you have any questions or need more information on the places we discussed in this article, please leave a comment or e-mail us! Glad you enjoyed our post. We used mostly Cruz del Sur and Turbus for the majority of our rides. We almost missed out on this place because we thought it was too expensive. If you only plan to go to Torres del Paine for the day, plan to take a 7:00 or 7:30am bus from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park. The bus system in Chile is crazy efficient and affordable. Read More: The Ultimate 1/2 day Moon valley Travel guide & The Ultimate 1-day+ San Pedro de Atacama Biking Guide. Backpacking Chile 3 Week Itinerary #3: South to North This is one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ outrageous trips that might hurt your wallet, but you’ll never regret it. Chile Itinerary 10 Days & Other Variations. This two-week Patagonia itinerary also incorporates the W Trek, but instead begins in Ushuaia at the southern end of the region, and ends in El Calafate. It is not an easy hike, but we promise you it’s worth it. Places to Eat: La Fabrika (note: we cooked most meals), Recommended Places to Stay: Hostal French Andes, Hostal Rio Libre, Suggested Trip Duration: 5 days, 4 Nights. Even with that, the cost should remain low for 2 or even 3 weeks … Start hiking in it and visit the following spot: Ana Kakenga (the two windows cave), Ana te Pora (the cave of the reed canoe), Ana te pahu (the banana cave). Your email address will not be published. It’s quite similar to the first half of our four-week itinerary above. It’s a bit of an intense day but totally worth it. Lodging: Aji Hostel ($27 USD/Night/Person) Activities: Barrio Bellavista, Cerro San Cristóbal, Valparaíso. Sky Airlines is a budget-friendly Chilean airline we’ve had a couple great experiences with. Ushuaia. You honestly won’t have much to do in Puerto Natales itself so plan to stay there the night before you leave for Torres del Paine and the night you get back to town. As you can see in our Instagram post, the foxes in El Cañi love walking with hikers! You’ve traveled almost 3,000 km (2,000 miles) from Santiago to get to this point, and you’ve seen some pretty amazing places and things along the way. Haha! The absolute jewel of this trip and the real highlight. Where to stay: (€):La Tribu del Indio, (€€):Hostal Montepardo, (€€€): Lodge Quelana, Read More: The Ultimate San Pedro de Atacama Travel Guide. Two weeks in Chile: an awesome itinerary (including Patagonia) CHILE is by far one of my fave countries <3 Incredibly gorgeous scenery, cool desert towns and lots of friendly people everywhere. Read More : The Genuine 5-day Torres del Paine hiking guide (TDP)  & The Authentic W-Trek Day 4 – Torres del Paine & The Authentic Chileno camping & Shelter Guide – Torres del Paine Night 4. Linder is the cheapest option for grocery shopping, which is the Chilean Wal-Mart. 2. Hello! Looking forward to getting your varied opinions and suggestions. Last day of the 1st week of this 3 weeks itinerary Chile. Places to eat: N/A (another place we cooked most meals but there are tons of nice looking restaurants in town and on the water if interested), Recommended Places to Stay: Cabañas Bosque Sur. But the views you got throughout this trip are stunning. Between two and three weeks is about perfect if you plan your trip well! Wow. Suggested Itineraries in Chile Chile is home to a staggering array of formidable landscapes, each beautiful in its own way and offering a broad spectrum of otherworldly attractions and adrenaline-infused activities that will live long in the memory. Thank you so much for your incredible comment! Noteworthy Neighborhoods to Explore: Barrio Bellavista, Barrio Italia, Places to Eat: Domino, Emporio Zunino, Peyuco, Streat Burger, Recommended Places to Stay: Plaza de Armas Hostel, Renaissance Hotel, Suggested Trip Duration: 4 Days, 3 Nights. Hello, We will be in Chile in May this year for 3 weeks. Huerquehue National Park – A beautiful national park surrounded by lakes and waterfalls. It’s honestly mind-blowing how much this small town has to offer adventure travelers. All destinations listed offer something for everyone, or low-key travelers might consider following the 1-week itinerary described earlier and combining it with a visit to Patagonia, San Pedro de … Elqui Valley/stargazing near Vicuna. Obviously paying the bus station is cheaper, but you can pay the small surcharge and book on their site directly. But none of these guys compare to our dog, Frankie. Apart from our two flights, we used buses everywhere we went. So, take this day to enjoy one last time the beauty of this island. So how do you decide which activities to do while you are in Pucón? Here is our 3 weeks itinerary Chile: Fly to Santiago international Airport and Transfer for a national flight to San Pedro de Atacama in the north of the Country. Are you ready to explore the world with us? For true outdoor enthusiasts, what would a trip to Chile (or South America in general) be without visiting the majestic Patagonia? Here is one of the views we captured about an hour into the El Cani trek! Thanks for all the tips, and a great itinerary. This saved us tons of money once we got in the habit of going to the store and cooking our own dinner. If you want to see some more landmarks, you can consider the Monumento de la Mano or the port. Along the way, the itinerary incorporates the historic cities of La Paz, Sucre and Potosí. Below is the full list of places we experienced on our 3-week Chile itinerary: Santiago Valparaíso Chillán Pucón Valdivia Puerto Varas Chiloe Puerto Montt *Punta Arenas Puerto Natales/Torres del Paine In Pucón you can hike through beautiful parks, go white water rafting, walk to the top of a volcano, relax in majestic hot springs, and view beautiful waterfalls. We are in love with traveling, hiking, meeting new people… Since 2019, we started a travel blog to share our experiences all around the world. Some towns have shared terminals and some have separate terminals per company so make sure your accommodations are near the correct station. Where to stay: (€):Apartamento Living Mac Iver, (€€): Hostal Boutique Casa La Barca, (€€€): The Singular Santiago, Read more: The Ultimate 1-day Santiago de Chile Travel Guide. There's so much to do in Chile that I don't think we can squeeze in Easter Islands.. DancingMolly, I was referring to the salt flats of Salar de Atacama, but my friend just told me the 3-day trip he did to Bolivia was the highlight of his tour so now I'm thinking maybe we should allot more time to San Pedro de Atacama… There are several ways to make your way down to Torres del Paine so we hope you can use our road map through Chile as a guide. Learn how your comment data is processed. Once in Puerto Natales get your bus ticket to Ushuaia if not already done. This is the view from the walkway that goes around the lake! It’s broken up into distinct neighborhoods that each have their own personality and attractions. From there, transfer to your accommodation and start exploring the city and the surrounding. Hike to Los Torres lagoon before heading all the way down to the entrance of the park. *We took a flight from Puerto Montt to Punta Arenas then a bus to Puerto Natales the same day. In a way, it would be better to visit South of Chile with South of Argentina (See our Patagonia Itinerary for that) and the same goes for the North. The last shuttle back to Puerto Natales leaves the visitor center at 7:00pm so you’ll have plenty of time to get to the towers and back. Enter your email address below to start your adventure. Also not sure how we’d feel about the foxes following us hiking, haha! Hike from Paine Grande to Italiano and then Britanico. Make sure you enjoy the views along the way! Wake up early and hike toward the Grey shelter viewpoint before keeping on the O-Trek and the suspended bridges. We took Buses Maria Jose to Torres del Paine National Park and back, and it was a pretty seamless process. Length of Stay: 4 Nights. Santiago de Chile is a … The town’s proximity to Lago Llanquihue and Osorno Volcano makes it very easy to take photos that will make your friends back home jealous. We never had enough of the Easter Island. If you arrive late in the evening I suggest you to stay at the Holiday Inn Hotel at the Santiago de Chile airport. Patagonia itinerary for one week of travel: Hike the W in Torres del Paine National Park Thanks to nearby outdoor attractions such as Cerro San Cristobal and Castillo Hidalgo, it’s not hard to get a gorgeous view of the city and the mountain range! From there we will head back to the Capital and then visit the mysterious Easter Island. We don't like spam either. These Chile itineraries for ten days and two weeks rely on the fact that you will take some long-distance transport to travel between the regions. Very shocked at the fact food is expensive, definitely thought that would be cheap in Chile. S. ubscribers get access to our latest posts before anyone else. For our 3 weeks in Peru itinerary including all of the above, count with an estimate budget of: 1,500 soles ($ 450 USD / 400 €) These amounts don’t include food, drinks, city transportation or any souvenir that might find their way to your backpack. We recommend checking them out if you are willing to spend a tad bit more money to spare yourself an overnight bus or two. We got an awesome sunset view of Santiago from there. If you desire to only visit Chile, it will mean travelling by plane as the interesting spots are far from one to another. Thanks to nearby outdoor attractions such as, Castillo Hidalgo at Cerro Santa Lucia in Santiago, Chile, Preston striking a pose in front of the fountain at Castillo Hidalgo. If you plan to trek the W route, ask your hotel if they will store your things for you while you are away. What’s 18 more kilometers?! We are Alex & Tina. Apparently instant is preferred over brewed. But we got you cover, if you want to stay only in Chile . It was a beautiful trip, and it is time to return home. There were some stops on our route we didn’t discuss such as, If you have any questions or need more information on the places we discussed in this article, please leave a comment or, We've traveled to over 40 countries across 6 continents, and we are excited to share our experiences with you. Each of these trips would have ran 25+ hours or more on a bus so we forked out the money and saved ourselves the headache. Once your luggage dropped at your hotel, head to the park nearby and end the day in the Bohemian district. You’ve ridden on countless buses and probably taken a couple of planes at this point. We did our best to break down the long bus rides which cover no less than 1,700 km (1,600 mi). This Amazing 3 Weeks Itinerary Chile will bring you from the Salt flat in the north to the Patagonian Mountains in the South with a stop by the Easter Island. Get on the first bus to TDP national park. To adjust the above from a 2-week itinerary to a 10-day option remove one day from each of the stays in all spots apart from Santiago. Natural Wonders of Chile - Desert, Glaciers, and Coast. I regret not hiking the Inca Trail up to Machu Picchu, which typically takes 4 days and planning far in advance (booking a tour, etc. And here are a few dogs we met outside of a store in Puerto Varas! In the spirit of covering all the bases, I like to include a country’s capital, as well as another one of its popular cities in my travel itineraries. We have found flights with Iberia that are quite cheap (has anyone flown with them? Take advantage of some of the clearest skies in Chile and look … Apart from our two flights, we used buses everywhere we went. Right behind is Orongo, the sacred village. Visit the Cathedral and stroll around the main street in town. 3 weeks in Chile itinerary. ). By using our website you agree to all our, The Amazing Laguna de Los Tres via El Pilar 1 day hiking guide, The Amazing Aconcagua provincial park 1 day Hiking guide, The Ultimate 1-Day Yampupata hike Copacabana Guide, The Ultimate half TMB (Tour du Mont Blanc) Guide, The Ultimate Tour du Mont Blanc Packing list, The Genuine 5-day Torres del Paine hiking guide (TDP), Jericoacoara traveller’s guide – Couple escape, Normandy & Brittany Road Trip Authentic Itinerary for 2 Weeks (France), 6 Proven Ways to Budget Travel & Save Money while Traveling, The Ultimate 1-day Machu Picchu visit and True Wayna Picchu Story. Right behind this, is the trail to the Terevaka volcano, the highest point of the island. It reminded us of New York City but with much more beautiful scenery! This is a recommendation as we didn’t do it but would have loved to. Valparaíso. South America - Itinerary Feedback Requested: 3 Weeks Chile and Argentina - Hi travelers, My husband and I are planning our first trip to South American for December 2019. With that in mind, the purpose of this post is to help you plan your Chile itinerary from Santiago to Torres del Paine in 3 weeks and point out the places you must see along the way. It will take you through breathtaking & dramatic landscapes of Patagonia all the way down to the remote part known as Land of Fire. There are two experiences that you must have in Puerto Varas, and they are located two hours outside of town at, Osorno Volcano view from Saltos del Petrohue outside Puerto Varas, Chile. Read More: The Genuine 5 days Easter Island itinerary. Where to stay: (€): Casa Capilla, (€€): Casa Magnolia , (€€€): Hotel Boutique Acontraluz, Read More: The Ultimate Valparaiso Travel Guide. 2 Weeks; Explore Chile's vibrant wine scene with urban vinotecas and vineyards in the shadow of the Andes. Subscribers get access to our latest posts before anyone else. On this 4th day, go on a tour or rent a car and head toward the beautiful Laguna Miscanti and Laguna Miniques. Can you imagine waking up to this view every day? Arriving In Beijing. And in the spirit of seeing everything in a week, we woke up on Day Three of our week in Chile and hopped a bus to the port city of Valparaiso. Suggested Trip Duration: 2 Days, 2 Nights. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Read More: The Ultimate 1-Day Easter Island National Park Guide, Time to rent a scooter and go all around the island. Then keep strolling around, Valparaiso is best explored if lost. It finishes with a tour of Salar de Uyuni before crossing the south-west border into Chile. This is it. The trail that goes to the Rano kau volcano, an amazing volcano crater where a lake appeared. Your next major stop after Pucón will really make you feel like you’re getting close to Patagonia. Chile Guide: Santiago. Stay there for the sunset, it’s beautiful. If you only want to do one big hike on your trip to Pucón, you should pick Huerquehue over El Cañi. Read More : The Genuine 5-day Torres del Paine hiking guide (TDP)  & The Authentic W-Trek Day 1 – Torres del Paine & The Authentic Grey Refuge & Camping Guide – Torres del Paine Night 1. Chile’s capital and largest city, Santiago, is an excellent place to start your southbound road trip through Chile. Your first stop will be Ahu Huri a Urenga (a single Moai), from there head out to the following points: Vaihu (a fallen Moai), Akagenga (old village and cave). One week in Chile: Day 3. Check out more blog posts from Pillow Popper here. Let’s discover what you will be doing in this 3 Weeks Itinerary Chile. Follow us on Instagram: @pillowpoppertravel. Cusco- Peru. In Santiago, stroll around the historic center, break for a seafood lunch in the clamoring Mercado Central and tour La Chascona, Pablo Neruda's home.Sip champagne at Bocanáriz or catch experimental dance at the Centro Gabriela Mistral. The best Chile itinerary for me was to head north from Santiago, via the UNESCO World Heritage site of Valparaiso, to the heat of the Atacama desert, the driest desert in the world. We will probably make a post about our experience with that on its own.

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