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petrography of charnockite

In: Belliere J, Duchesne JC (eds) Geologie des domaines cristallins. Geological Survey of Nigeria, Kaduna, pp 77–82, Fagbohun BJ, Omitogun AA, Bamisaiye OA, Ayoola FJ (2020) Remote detection and interpretation of structural style of the Zuru Schist Belt, Northwest Nigeria. Ogunyele, A.C., Obaje, S.O., Akingboye, A.S. et al. J Geol Soc India 94:9–22. Charnockites sensu lato (charnockite-enderbite series) are lower crustal felsic rocks typically characterised by the presence of anhydrous minerals including orthopyroxene and garnet. Accessory minerals are allanite, zircon, titanite (sphene), … Global J Pure Appl Sci 23:263–274. The GC and AC suites, on the other hand, resemble post-Archaean arc-related granites. Inter J Emerging Trends Eng Dev 2(2):35–46, Jimoh OA, Ariffin KS, Hussin HB, Habeeb AA (2016) Characterization and assessment of Okpella metacarbonate deposit in Nigeria. The use of these techniques has become very important in the search for hydrocarbon reservoirs. Precambrian Res 87:65–74, Dada SS (2006) Proterozoic evolution of Nigeria., Pearce JA, Harris NB, Tindle AG (1984) Trace element discrimination for the tectonic interpretation of granitic rocks. The Neoproterozoic charnockite–granite association of Okpella intrudes metasedimentary and migmatite-gneiss complex rocks in the eastern Igarra Schist Belt, southwestern Nigeria. They are silicic (> 63 wt% SiO2), metaluminous to peraluminous, high-K calc-alkaline, ferroan, post-collisional granitoids. Charnockite and related neosome development in the Eastern Ghats, Orissa, India: petrographic evidence - Volume 75 Issue 3 - Adrian F. Park, B. The charnockites and granites of Okpella show primary magmatic mineralogy and geochemical characteristics. The felsic rocks may be assigned to two rock series, namely the orthopy-roxene-bearing charnockite-enderbite series, and the biotite-bearing granite-tonalite series. In: Oshin O (ed) The Basement Complex of Nigeria and its mineral resources. Lithos 12:1–11, Ibe CU, Obiora SC (2019) Geochemical characterization of granitoids in Katchuan Irruan area: further evidence for peraluminous and shoshonitic compositions and post-collisional setting of granitic rocks in the Precambrian Basement Complex of Nigeria. Nature 327:503–506, Frost BR, Barnes CG, Collins WJ, Arculus RJ, Ellis DJ, Frost CD (2001) A geochemical classification for granitic rocks. In this paper, we try to bridge this gap with detailed results on orthopyroxene-bearing, felsic ortho-granulites spread over the entire KKB and propose a new petrogenetic and crustal evolution model. Acta Geochim 39:337–354. The mafic rocks are pyribolite and less common pyriclasite. British Geological Survey Research Report, 2nd edn. Tax calculation will be finalised during checkout. Modes were determined by 1000-point counts at a spacing of 1 mm. The average modal composition is 35% 31% 19% 4% 12% respectively. Chem Geol 104:1–37, Cooray PG (1972) In: Dessauvagie TFJ, Whiteman AJ (eds) A note on the charnockites of Akure–Ado-Ekiti area, Western Nigeria. Geol Soc Lond 142:319–337, Frost BR, Frost CD (1987) CO2, melts and granulite metamorphism. J Petrol 42:2033–2048, Garcia MGM, Santos TJS, Amaral WS (2014) Provenance and tectonic setting of Neoproterozoic supracrustal rocks from the Ceará Central Domain, Borborema Province (NE Brazil): constraints from geochemistry and detrital zircon ages., Herron MM (1988) Geochemical classification of terrigenous sands and shales from core or log data. Geocarto Inter:1–21. Data on field, petrography, geoc hemistry and mineralization of these granitoids cumulative ly demonstrate that they are . J Petrol 25:956–983, Peng P, Qin Z, Sun F, Zhou X, Guo J, Zhai M, Ernst RE (2019) Nature of charnockite and Closepet granite in thr Dharwar Craton: implications for the architecture of the Archean crust. J Afr Earth Sci 15:177–190. Australian J Earth Sci 48:489–499, Condie KC (1993) Chemical composition and evolution of the upper continental crust: contrasting results from surface samples and shales. The Kerala Khondalite Belt (KKB) of the southern India encompasses volumetrically significant magmatic components., Bhatia MR, Crook KAW (1986) Trace element characteristics of greywackes and tectonic setting discrimination of sedimentary basins. The petrography showed the porphyritic granite having plagioclase, quartz, biotite, hornblende, mymerkite as major minerals and apatite as accessory (Fig.6). Geochemical features of the GC, such as high Rb/Sr (average 1.80) and Ba/Sr ratios (average values > 6), are considered as evidence for crustal reworking in their genesis, suggesting remelting of a quartzo-feldspathic (TTG) source, within the plagioclase stability fields. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Inzwischen wurde nachgewiesen, dass zumindest ein Teil der Charnockite auf metamorphe Prozesse zurückzuführen sind. Geological Survey of Nigeria, Kaduna, pp 111–125, Odeyemi IB, Rahaman MA (1992) Petrology of a composite syenite dyke in Igarra, southwestern Nigeria. Petrography and geochemistry of Neoproterozoic charnockite–granite association and metasedimentary rocks around Okpella, southwestern Nigeria / by Abimbola Chris Ogunyele, Solomon Omale Obaje, Adedibu Sunny Akingboye, Adedapo Oluwasanu Adeola, Ayotunde Oluwadamilare Babalola, Abiodun Tobiloba Olufunmilayo A comparative study was performed on the petrography, geochemistry and geochronology of charnockite and granulite in the Xiwulanbulang (XWLBL) area, … Precambrian Res 34:269–289, Ekwueme BN (2003a) Geochemistry of crystalline basement rocks, SW Ugep, Nigeria. Geochemical patterns of the TC resemble those of the Archaean tonalite–trondhjemite–granodiorite (TTG) suites, with slightly magnesian character (average Mg# = 33), moderate LREE (average LaN = 154), low HREE (average YbN = 6) and Y (1–53 ppm; average 11 ppm). Canadian Mineral 48(4):729–750., Kretz R (1983) Symbols for rock-forming minerals. Geochemistry of sediments and sedimentary rocks/evolutionary considerations to mineral deposit-forming environments. Geol Rundsch 70(3):897–909, Odeyemi IB (1988) Lithostratigraphy and structural relationships of the Upper Precambrian metasediments in Igarra area, southwestern Nigeria. Arab J Geosci 13, 780 (2020). Inter Geol Rev 62(2):129–152., Kolawole MS, Onimisi M, Olobaniyi SB (2017) Field occurrence and structural characteristics of basement rocks around Kabba-Bunu area in part of Kabba-Lokoja-Igarra Schist Belt, southwestern Nigeria. of P.G. - Ponnani College, Kerala–679 586, India. Geol 21:825–828, Rudnick RL, Gao S (2003) Composition of the continental crust. In: Oshin O (ed) The basement complex of Nigeria and its mineral resources (a tribute to prof MAO Rahaman). J Petrology 54(1):3–40. Precambrian Res 307:125–136. Granites are felsic rocks that usually contain no or very little pyroxene. Geosci Frontiers 3(6):737–744, Roberts MP, Clemens JD (1993) Origin of high-potassium, calc-alkaline, I-type granitoids. Elsevier-Pergamon, Oxford, pp 1–64, Santos FH, Amaral WS, Uchôa Filho EC, Martins DT (2017) Detrital zircon U–Pb ages and whole-rock geochemistry of the Neoproterozoic Paulistana and Santa Filomena complexes, Borborema Province, northeastern Brazil: implications for source area composition, provenance, and tectonic setting. Akin Jinad and Co., Ibadan, pp 29–44, Dada SS (2008) Proterozoic evolution of the Nigeria–Borborema Province. The granites and charnockites are coeval and were presumably emplaced during the post-collisional stages of the Pan-African Orogeny. Charnockite is a granofels that contains orthopyroxene, quartz, and feldspar.Charnockite is frequently described as an orthopyroxene granite., Elueze AA (1988) Geology of the Precambrian Schist Belt in Ilesha area, southwestern Nigeria. Khondalite is found in the Eastern Ghats between Vijayawada and Cuttack in India. Among these, orthopyroxene-bearing, felsic ortho-granulites, popularly known as charnockites in Indian context, constitute an important lithology. The petrography of the charnockite section on the west side of the mountain is given in Table 1. J Afr Earth Sci 9(2):227–234, Dada SS, Tubosun IA, Lancelot JR, Lar AU (1993) Late Archaean U-Pb age for the reactivated basement of northeastern Nigeria. J Geol 109:399–406, Kumar S, Gupta S, Sensarma S, Bhutani R (2020) Proterozoic felsic and mafic magmatism in India: implications for crustal evolution through crust-mantle interactions. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. Mat Geoenv 56(2):148–162, Olarewaju VO (1987) Charnockite–granite association in SW Nigeria: rapakivi granite type and charnockitic plutonism in Nigeria? Geol Soc Amer Spec Paper 230:145–158, Caby R, Boessé JM (2001) Pan-African nappe system in Southwest Nigeria: the Ife-Ilesha schist belt. Members of the TC follow sodic (characterized by decreasing CaO/Na2O), whereas those of the GC and AC follow calc-alkaline trends of differentiation. The Neoproterozoic charnockite–granite association of Okpella intrudes metasedimentary and migmatite-gneiss complex rocks in the eastern Igarra Schist Belt, southwestern Nigeria. Lecture notes in Earth Sciences 120. Contrib Mineral Petrol 154:591–606. In: Kogbe CA (ed) Geology of Nigeria. Contrib Mineral Petrol 154:91–110, Woakes M, Rahaman MA, Ajibade AC (1987) Some metallogenetic features of the Nigerian Basement. J Afr Earth Sci 13(3–4):387–395, Rajesh HM (2004) The igneous charnockite – high-K alkali-calcic I-type granite – incipient charnockite association in Trivandrum Block, southern India.

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