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private parts podcast review

Fred Norris Paul Giamatti. 115: Sliding into the DM’s – Vicky Pattison. PLUS we ask about “Pregnancy News”, What she has planned after lockdown and Francis teaches us how to poo in the woods. ! Plus, can Noel Fielding dream of the future? The boys record a LIVE podcast on Valentine's Day at Hooley's in Grossmont Center and take questions from the audience! The host of This American Life, Ira Glass, is to podcasts what Beyoncé is to … Catherine Bohart and Sarah Keyworth are BACK! This episode is Old School. Dani reveals if she thinks Jamie Laing is a good kisser, Francis Boulle is very late, and we hear about why Danny Dyer wouldn’t eat his dinner. 159: Jamie Wanks On A Private Jet | Matt Richardson. Plus, did Alister Campbell call Jamie a cunt? 164: She Is Too Hot To Handle| Chloe Veitch, Too Hot To Handle’s Chloe Veitch wants Francis’ job, Jamie shares a confession about Plastic Surgery and Francis learns THTH is NOT a cooking show! BONUS TIME BABY! Francis Boulle gives Jamie Laing some tips for Strictly Come Dancing, Jamie washes himself in something he shouldn’t and we hear about “Anton Dec”… what? 190: A Bit Of A MixUp | Sophie Habboo – Part 2. It’s a doggy dog world out there. Comedian, filmmaker, activist and NEW author Grace Campbell joins Jamie for a very open and honest chat. We hear about Shame, Sex, Sperm(s) and STD’s. Jamie’s Mum delivers some home truths and we catch up with Proudlock. Just before we all got locked down, Jamie popped into the studio to make some calls. Join Jamie and Francis for a chat about cheating, jiu-jitsu, and giraffes. Binky Felstead joins Jamie Laing in the studio to discover the truth behind the gossip. We hear about Hypnotism, psychotherapy, his new book and Paul leaves us with a very special gift at the end. If porn does it for ya, this podcast … 187: Made In Coventry | Joe Sutherlan – Part 2. It’s free to launch a private podcast for up to 100 listeners. Plus we hear about birthdays, hanging out with James Franco and delivering a few home truths. Read More. Yay. Have a listen to find out more. Audience Reviews for Private Parts. We hear about her new lockdown skills, relationships and what it’s like getting a bit sexy in front of the cameras. We ask, who is going to place that bet? Actor! Happy Wednesday team. 189: Alastair Campbell thinks Jamie is a C*** | Grace Campbell – Part 2. Francis is away so Alex Mytton steps in. Best friends Courtney Kocak & Sofiya Alexandra bring you along as they traipse from country to country exploring sex, relationships, dating & different types of food poisoning. Boulle assists Laing into some ill-fitting clothes, and the real show begins, and this lively opening scene sets the tone effectively for the rest of the two hour performance. PLUS, We hear about being scared of jellyfish, Mental Health, what REALLY happened on Celebrity Coach Trip and vaseline on nipples. How much money can you make from YouTube? We also hear a story about Justin Bieber, his FIRST band and life as a rockstar living with Mum and Dad. We hear about life in the Lone Star State, and Jamie tells us yet another embarrassing tale involving a google mishap. PLUS we hear about vandalism, Jamie shows us his latest Strictly moves and poor Sophie has an incident behind a bush. Woods & Ben Podcast: Private Parts Movie Review 00:37:10 Francis Boulle is in Edinburgh, so Producer Pete Strauss steps in. Presenter, Role Model, and author CHESSIE KING joins us for a chat about waxing, lying to your taxi driver and going to the BRITS. DISCLAIMER: … PLUS Francis tells us about a time capsule in his diary. Michelin Starred Chef Tom Kerridge joins us for a deliciously funny episode. Thanks, Squad. We are BACK in the studio! Let’s go team, lets go! We hear a VERY shocking story about Jamie’s grandmother, Francis questions some of Jamie’s life choices and we answer some of your questions. Happy Friday Team. 178: Cool Like Beyoncé | Tom Grennan – Part 2. Private Parts explores the concept of personal identity beautifully. Media training be damned, we speak our truth. This week’s guest is the one and only, the saint of patience, Sophie Habboo. 131: You Cheated On Me | Jamie Laing & Francis Boulle. Comedian and northerner Brennan Reece joins the lads to chat pooing tattoos, life as an accident and what being a naughty letter C gets you. Happy Wednesday TEAM! Capital FM DJ and voice of Shipwrecked Vick Hope joins the lads to talk Jamie’s botox, getting mugged in Argentina and her porn name. His deadpan facial expression and monotone voice prepared us for this Pilkington-esque, depressing but painfully funny performance. REBROADCAST! On Friday, the reality-turned-comedy duo landed at the Nuffield Theatre in Southampton, ready to make an impression. Plus we call Proudlock, answer your questions and solve a riddle. Jamie and Francis bring you this little bonus. Join the Lost Boys as they reminisce about the golden days, chat bad investments and cringe over that Barbados trip… YEAH BABY! 179: Cleaning Toilets | Larry Dean – Part 1. Watch it here. REBROADCAST: FINALLY!!! Stories about the uncomfortable, the hidden and the taboo. Hang on team, this is an episode that hits close to the heart. Plus Jamie questions why someone would fake their own death, Francis makes a techno announcement and Tom talks candidly about his mental health after being attacked. Oh, and he breaks some very exciting news to his mum which may or may not be true...More Private PartsExc... – Listen to REBROADCAST: It's All About The Feels | Sam Thompson - Part 2 by Private Parts instantly on your tablet, phone or browser - no downloads needed. Private Parts Unknown (the podcast formerly known as Reality Bytes) is a comedy-travel podcast uncovering stories of love and sexuality around the world. Plus intermittent fasting, hanging out with Bill Bailey and we read yout letters. What is it like to live under armed guard? 156: Sliding Into Mike Tyson’s DM’s | Abisha, Sophie Habboo smashes up a car, Jamie slide into Mike Tyson’s DMs and Francis predicts big things for Abisha. Plus a stroll down memory lane and Francis invents a time machine. Francis presents his very own podcast version of Texas Top Gear and we hear that engine Purrrrrr. Listen and enjoy x, Do Jamie and Francis believe the earth is flat? I must say, it was definitely worth the wait! #AD. This thoroughly sad and lazy comedy pairs … REBROADCAST: Spencer Matthews brings his baby wee boy onto the podcast to chat family, being a sociopath and getting some goddamn free gifts from Harrods (again). PLUS, what is it like to have 12M followers on Instagram?!? 10/29/2020. Plus, was Joe’s modeling career even more of a disaster than Jamies? The boys are back for another live episode sponsored by iD Mobile. Jamie and Francis are wickedly funny together let alone with the guests they bring on. 157: Francis Has A Girlfriend | Proudlock. Do you believe in ghosts?  We get in the Halloween “spirit” with some spooky stories. MEDIC! RAYE! Are women funnier than men? ... Full Cast & Crew: Private Parts (1997) Cast (151) Howard Stern. Cheese, abduction, tennis, bodily fluids, sexul positions, hoovers and tasting breast milk. How do you measure success? PLUS we ask George about his REAL name and hear an EXCLUSIVE! Enjoy x, 154: Jamie Shaves His Balls | Chessie King. Jamie’s self-antagonism epitomised the on-the-edge humour – for fifteen minutes, he talked us through his botched hair transplant, even showing pictures in graphic detail. With Howard Stern, Mary McCormack, Robin Quivers, Fred Norris. This lovely little bonus is full of terrible ideas, and one very good one. With Jack presenting tonight’s Brits and Jamie hosting on the red carpet, we thought it was only right to rebroadcast the last time the lads were together, back in episode 82. Join them as they chat growing up in boarding school, their love of Proudlock and working out the groin muscle. Private Parts Unknown is a proud member of Pleasure Podcasts. Dancing on Ice meets Strictly Come Dancing. | Dani Dyer. Happy Wednesday! So far, they’ve been to Tokyo, Mexico City, Helsinki & more! Stay safe, stay strong! Self Isolation won’t stop us! We update Jamies odd’s on strictly and we read some of YOUR reviews. Jamie goes from Zero to Hero and looks at his odds for Strictly Come Dancing. Jamie tries on lipstick, Francis gets into bed and the boys end up on the roof. Plus Jamie tells us about a night out with Spencer Matthews and Ollie shares a story about a chimp that will make your jaw drop, guaranteed! Are you scared yet? By John DeSando, WCBE's "It's Movie Time" Ed Burns's Tommy Riley is caught renting "Breakfast at Tiffany's," leading to an affair and a … Is Sophie Habboo the most patient woman in the world? Comedian and Presenter Matt Richardson joins Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle for a wank heavy podcast. If you want to send Jamie & Francis a letter please send to: Private Parts Podcast, Studio.408, The Print Rooms, 164-180 Union Street, London, SE1 0LH. 186: A Murderer Slides Into Your DMs | RedHanded – Part 2. PLUS Ross shares his secrets on how to push yourself further and why you can achieve anything. 163: Your Voice Is Out Of Control | Becky Hill. Other than that, there’s no need to use douches or special washes. Listen and find out. The boys from Made in Chelsea storm the comedy world with their hit UK tour, Private Parts Live. Video versions are also available on YouTube. This episode is all about the gossip and feel good fun. Popstar QUEEN, podcaster, dancer, model, mother of 2 and wife to Wayne, it’s the one and only…. 35 likes. We hear about life as a rockstar, staying grounded and ”getting swept up in the nu rave scene”. PLUS, who kidnapped Charlie? PLUS, Jamie’s diary tells us about an appearance on a classic TV show. Private Parts is the podcast that's not afraid to go there. Awards & Events. Directed by Betty Thomas. A syndicated radio show. We hear about a walk in the countryside, PLUS vaginas, sex in the dark, pubic hair and poo. I didn’t really think Private Parts was funny and I didn’t believe any of the “serious scenes”. Mixed Martial arts champion and star of the smash hit The Game Changers documentary James Wilks joins Jamie and Francis in the ring, we mean studio for a chat about fighting, plant based diets, his ne... – Listen to REBROADCAST: The Gamechangers | James Wilks - Part 1 by Private Parts instantly on your tablet, phone or browser - no downloads needed. 193: Ask Jeremy Clarkson | Sonny Jay – Part 1. It has been two BIG years since our very first episode. Comedian, Mancunian and Friend of the show, it’s Brennan Reece! This week’s episode is dedicated to you Private Parters! 116: Heckling with Liverpool’s best! 122: Do the ghosts watch you have sex? We are joined by the one, the only, the incredibly talented…. star wasn’t deemed ‘newsworthy’. Do Jamie and Francis make good matchmakers? The two lovable gents are treading the boards with their live, laugh-a-minute extravaganza developed from their hit podcast PRIVATE PARTS. Not cool. Despite the fact that the two young men aren’t in the same league as Ant and Dec, the targets of one of their later self-deprecating sketches, the Judge Rinder and Louis Theroux lookalikes used the talent and image they do have to their great advantage. For a good time, listen to Private Parts! This week we go old school with just the guys. Donate to Australian Fires Emergency Funds: Here or Here, 147: How Big Is Your Cucumber | Tom Kerridge. PLUS Francis makes predictions and Jamie bankrupts himself renting a house in the country. Comedian Alfie Brown joins Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle in the studio for a chat about masturbation, Harry Potter and what to do when your dad gets in a fight. We hear about his intimacy issues with Adam Hess, the time his famous look-a-like cruelly shunned him and Jamie contemplates stealing jokes from Ricky Gervais. Enjoy! | RedHanded Podcast. Yet this was not the climax – Francis, who earlier confessed that he wanted to be the fourth member of boyband Hanson as a child, something which Jamie ridiculed him for by reminding him that Hanson was comprised of three brothers, danced on stage with a great brunette curly mop and violin to ‘MMMbop’. We hear about the old days filming Made In Chelsea together, Francis drops an EXCLUSIVE relationship update and the guys create their rapper names. In a time when we all want a bit of light relief, this is all about feeling good. Cricket Sporting Legend Jason Roy joins Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle in the studio for a chat about superstition, the Ashes, reaching your potential, mental health and trolling Danny Care. Then we learn about Francis’s First Kiss! Boulle could easily break off as a successful solo comedian with that performance, but the chemistry between the two stars is, like Mel and Sue’s, cheesy and delightful. Go see him and check out his new book (we KNOW Jamie is a fan!). ... Our new podcast Worst Superhero Movies. This episode is a tornado of wild ideas. Plus, Jamie has some strange dreams and Scarlett takes us on a deep dive into conspiracy theories… do aliens exist? We dive deep into conspiracy theories, the psychology of athletes and debate who would win a fight between Francis and Froch. *PLEASE NOTE * THIS EPISODE WAS RECORDED PRIOR TO JAMIE’S PLOT TWIST. 176: You Can’t Take Back A Fart | Brennan Reece. Who are we hanging out with this week? It’s only George Freaking Ezra!!! But Laing’s dramatic presentation (obtained through studying musical theatre at Leeds) was countered excellently by Boulle, whose reading of his diary, a regular section of the podcast, was undoubtedly the best received skit of the night. What can’t this man do?!? STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING THIS INSTANT! 182: Strictly Come Dine With Me | Just The Two Of Us – Part 1. Then, Boulle realises – maybe his name isn’t Rob, but he is a ‘criminal mastermind training to steal on command’. And listen to Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle bare their souls to the world and read their personal diaries out loud. Listen and Enjoy. The programme’s audience figures have gone from strength to strength over that time, and the positive reception led the two men to announce earlier this year that they were going on a twenty-date tour, plus booking three dates at the Edinburgh Fringe. Jamie learns about KD Lang, Francis shares his top travel tips, and Jamie reveals where you can get the best chicken in London. We are joined by Sonny Jay who gives us the scoop. Jamie has a touching and open chat to fellow podcaster and author Elizabeth Day. His deadpan facial expression and monotone voice prepared us for this Pilkington-esque, depressing but painfully funny performance. Prepare to be shocked by abductions, imprisonment, stabbings, decapitation and cannibalism. It's hilarious, it's chaotic, it's Private Parts. More Private Parts Podcast Episodes:,, Donate to Australian Fires Emergency Funds, Which show is harder and which show is more dangerous?! Is it all about the love? 191: Saying Yes To Opportunity | Tom Lucy – Part 2, 191: Saying Yes To Opportunity | Tom Lucy – Part 1. It’s an absolute banger! Comedian Olga Koch comes on the show to announce she is not a virgin. Proudlock joins Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle in the studio for a Lost Boi reunion. Have the guys ever had a fight? Comedian, Backgammon semi finalist, friend, father and Jamie’s school chum Ivo Graham joins us for a hilarious chat. 125:Just The Two Of Us | Jamie Laing & Francis BoulleÂ. And listen to Jamie Laing & Francis Boulle bare their soul to the world and read their diaries out loud every week. Enjoy! Is Jamie racist towards the Irish? But Francis is not always the straight man – on occasion through the night, he whipped out his dark side, even prank-calling the Daily Mail’s newsdesk to offer some scoop on Jamie’s private life – something they weren’t interested in because a Z-lister Made in Chelsea star wasn’t deemed ‘newsworthy’. Love you Binks! This week we have a very special VALENTINES DAY Episode for you. In Part 1 Francis gets frisky with the Pink Power Ranger, Jamie sings us a song and the guys serve up some love advice. In Part 2 we chat to Paul McKenna! and we hear some damaging accusations about Jamie. What came first? PLUS Matt tells us the secret to making people laugh and a story about his girlfriend that will make your toes curl. PLUS Haunting, Torture and Abduction. Pixie and the boys battle Mercury in Retrograde, Francis shares his morning rituals and Jamie waits for a call from Ariana Grande. Don’t tell Jamie. We hear about failure, the podcast awards, abandonment, heartbreak, death threats and children. Listen and Enjoy. Plus Jamie pitches a TV show and Francis teaches us about cows. This episode will make you laugh, it will make you think, it will make you slide into the DM’s. The autobiographical story of Howard Stern, the radio rebel who is now also a TV personality, an author and a movie star. Alfie goes undercover for the Met Police, Francis tells us about his father being stabbed (yes, really!) BREAKING NEWS! This is the very FIRST remote record in Private Parts history! Or time to call for help? Things take a creepy turn this week as we chat all things True Crime with The Redhanded Podcast. The content of ‘Show Dogs’ is actually quite strange. 🎄 MERRY CHRISTMAS!! We are joined by Miles Nazaire for a chat about cloning, the secret to dirty talk and how the boys perform in the bedroom. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. #ad. 141: Is Necrophilia A Crime? We hear about Jamie putting a glow stick up his own … plus motherhood, sharing a drunken kiss or two and filming Made in Chelsea. 175: Stop Blabbering On | Frankie Bridge – Part 1. Go On Chloe!! 186: A Murderer Slides Into Your DMs | RedHanded – Part 1, BONUS: How To Lose Money Fast, By Jamie Laing. Fathers’ Day – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 69 “You mirth machine, you.” This week, Daniel and Corky revive their long-running Lowell Ganz vs. Babaloo Mandel feud by reviewing the wretched Fathers’ Day.A film so sloppy that it was released on Mother’s Day weekend, Fathers’ Day bottoms even the most basement-level expectations. It is a BANGER of an episode. Hear about “SAS Who Dares Wins” and finding REAL PIRATE TREASURE! Jamie and Francis read out your letters, give advice and discuss Brokeback Mountain and celebrity encounters. Happy Friday. Does Francis think the earth is flat? Plus Jamie reads the comments in the Daily Mail… absolutely brutal! DISCLAIMER: Part 1 of this episode contains discussion and experiences surrounding sexual consent. WISHING JAMIE A SPEEDY RECOVERY, 128: I Think You Secretly Hate Me | NinaNesbitt & Alex Mytton. Watch her YouTube video HERE. Katherine keeps the boys in check and tells us about working at Hooters, passive aggressive mothers and auditioning for Sean Paul. This is unlike any shopping trip you have ever been on. Listen out for a brand new listener challenge set by Francis and we reveal the latest winner of an exclusive Private Parts mug. Storyboard is a platform dedicated to sharing secure, private podcasts as in-house shows. Boulle decides she was probably not shouting at him, but at another man, ‘whose name was probably Rob’. We are joined by Strictly Come Dancing’s Giovanni Pernice! She tells us about her party trick, (see instagram) and we chat Hoff….David, Wim and Hayley. Plus Francis tells us about his time behind the wheel, Jamie shares an embarrassing moment from Strictly rehearsals and we look at the second lockdown in the UK. It’s the infamous Tom Lucy!! We dissect Tiger King (no BIG spoilers), ignoring internet trolls (be nice), calling the police on the Paparazzi (go away) and which drunken celebrity fell over to at the BRITS. 105: So you think you’re famous? Is cello music cool? It’s FRIDAY! Who is the better singer? Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle are in an odd mood. Join them as they chat traumatising holidays, tyres and bees, of course. Jamie Laing tries his best chat up lines on Sophia Tuxford and Cinzia Baylis-Zullo of “The Girls Bathroom”, Francis Boulle gets into a sticky situation with some Peanut Butter and we take a deep dive into relationships, breakups and catching feelings. Plus, Jamie learns about a musical sex toy and we get some presents! This episode is epic, enjoy! Happy Friday, enjoy! Is Ted Bundy really an ok guy? Nothing was out of bounds in this outrageous performance: sexuality, drug use, downfalls of fame, necrophilia – and the audience lapped it up. This American Life. Then we wade into a deep and honest discussion around mental health and panic attacks. Suruthi & Hannah tell us what happens when you do just that. She tells us about the Russian Government tapping her phone and we launch KNOCK. at university, Jamie runs on with a big blonde bush on his head and starts performing ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ to the elated standing ovation. We obviously had to call the secret admirer. Exclusive video content on YouTube, 148: Trouble In Paradise? Happy Wednesday Team!! It’s intense! PLUS, Jamie loves the Corinthia Hotel, and why Helen Mirren is a FAN. listen and find out. Weeks before we all went into lockdown Jamie Laing popped into the studio and found a SECRET LOVE LETTER written to Francis. REBROADCAST: The Ultimate Method Actor | Spencer & Theo Matthews. Brennan and Francis reminisce and compare their time on Celebrity Coach Trip, Jamie tells us about getting arrested and Sophie Habboo pops in to share her disappointment. Jamie Laing is joined by the super inspirational SAS WHO DARES WINS presenter, author, Special Forces Instructor, Speaker and all around lovely guy Billy Billingham. My Dad Wrote a Porno host Jamie Morton joins the guys to chat Porn, Amsterdam’s red light district and Bebo. Jamie finds Lewis Capaldi in his living room, Francis questions fate when he bumps into some Made In Chelsea Friends and Jamies plays Snog Marry Avoid. Review by feeblewhiskyboi ★★★½ The winner will receive a case of Yosshi Cider AND a case of Candy Kittens AND be a guest on the show! We hear about touring with Jack Whitehall, Jamie’s wet dream and Lloyd leaves us with the most inspirational quote of all time. Boulle could easily break off as a successful solo comedian with that performance, but the chemistry between the two stars is, like Mel and Sue’s, cheesy and delightful. After a string of amazing guests, it’s back to how it started: just the boys as they chat Ian Wright, murder at Radley and Spencer’s baby. Made in Chelsea’s Sophie Habboo joins Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle in the studio in this episode of Private Parts Podcast. The Private Parts podcast is available to stream on iTunes. Our last Livestream with our buddies and sponsors iD Mobile. Plus Francis reads us a story, Sophie questions what happened to Jamie’s face, and Jamie reads some apple reviews. 183: Making Eye Contact | The Girls Bathroom – Part 1, 182: Strictly Come Dine With Me | Just The Two Of Us – Part 2. Jamie learns about Coventry, Francis teaches us about male anatomy and Joe manifests our future. 153: “I’ll Give It Two Months Before He Cheats On You” | Miles Nazaire. Comedian Joanne McNally joins us via skype from Ireland, Listen and enjoy. Has the day finally come? Hosts Annie and Elaina, Sidekick Sarah, and Bartender Duncan. 103: What’s your porn name? WATCH THIS SPACE FOR EXCLUSIVE UPDATES AND STATEMENTS. In one ep, the duo reenact “mainstream moans"—you know the kind. Available from Acast, Apple Podcasts and other podcast platforms every Friday. Good luck! 142: Why Is Your Show Called Private Parts? 107: Jamie’s Dad wrote a Porno – Jamie Morton. We want to know. Then, he receives a video from his partner, which is projected onto the big screen using ‘Blu-ray’. Shhhhh….. Alfie Deyes is going to prank Jamie Laing. Plus, an epic story about Tom Cruise. BONUS: Burning The Lobster| Merry Christmas. Suddenly, the star of the show launches himself into the audience, still running, and joins Boulle on stage to rapturous cheering and heckles of ‘give us a wave!’ from the audience.

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