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sink drain pump not working

As a long time plumber I hate removing an ejector pump inspecting, cleaning and reinstalling with no guarantee to the homeowner that the pump will last 2 weeks or 2 years. If the water level is high in the pit the pump isnt’ cycling so it’s time for a new pump. Our sump pump is 1 wire that I know has to stay plugged in to work but I’m clueless about the ejector pit. In an empty sink, put the baking soda down the drain followed by the vinegar. Replacement Water Filter For Samsung Refrigerator, How To Fix A Washing Machine That Doesn’t Fill With Water All The Way. It needs to be watched and given a little kick on the side of the bucket to get the pump to turn on when the washer is draining. As far as the sewer gas is concerned there could be two reasons. 1. With regards to the pump and how it cycles, most likely the float mechanism is being impeded in some way. Any suggestions? I have stumped 2 plumbers & a contractor with this issue: For a bathroom or kitchen sink, this can be done by stopping the drain and filling the sink with hot water from the faucet. How old is the unit? My husband says the rubber on the gasket seems fine, but no matter how he tries to tighten it, it leaks. This one is tricky. The noise only happens when the pump is on, stops when pump stops. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It sounds like it could be stuck in the open position. Recently we began to hear to ejector pump discharging at odd hours and at times when the lower level facilities were not in use. Look at the inlet of the piping entering your ejector pit. PLEASE HELP: We have an ejector pump in the basement bathroom with a first floor and a second floor bathrooms each above the other. I had a plumber out last week to check out the ejector pump. We never had this problem in the past 20 years. I’m assuming gravity. This seems to happen at random, and not related to any particular activity making it hard to diagnose and anticipate. I can definitely imagine that a sewer ejector pump failing would not be something to look forward to. Cause 3. Ice Under Freezer Drawer In Refrigerator – How To Fix? So do you have 200ft of exposed sewer main? If the pump is hardwired, make sure that the switch is on the ‘On’ position. It absolutely can be a blockage however the easiest way to eliminate the blockage as the potential culprit is to unbolt the ejector basin cover and see what’s going on inside. We also blew a fuse in the 1st floor bathroom (which is on the same breaker as the pump). If you can pop a picture let me know and you can email to me. If this doesn’t solve the problem buy a piggyback switch. Ejectors are made to break up solid wastes sump pumps are not and people make the mistake of putting in sump pumps in ejector pits all the time. Did you always have to hold the handle down to completely flush the toilet? Spend the extra money for a clear silent check valve. If you have an overhead sewer they should have connected it to the main. What can I use to break down the waste so the pump can start working or what kind of pole will allow me to pull it up? It always boggles my mind that a home is plumbed with waste piping from a kitchen and bath on an upper floor to an ejector pump. Their were some rags that were washed and they were a bit old but they did not come out of the washer unraveled to the extent of the string that we found in the pump. If the drain pump motor is not working, the dishwasher won’t drain. How To Remove And Replace The Bottom Seal On A Shower Door? That would be slightly unusual. Sometimes I have to hold the toilet handle down to flush completely, and it seems that the ejector takes in more water before the pump starts than it did new. It is currently not working and we cannot figure out why as it happened all of a sudden. Depending on your drain setup, you may also need to loosen the nut securing the bottom of the stem to your drain trap. Ask your do it yourself plumbing questions and get free answers as well as DIY information about faucets, toilets, pumps and water filters from plumbers at Really strange. We just bought a house that was built in 2007 and noticed when we moved in that the ejector pit is not plugged into the wall outlet. Thanks. Push drain/cancel 3-4 times a day. One of the most common causes of bathroom sink trouble is a problem with the sink stopper.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'removeandreplace_com-box-3','ezslot_2',147,'0','0'])); Bathroom Sink Not Draining – Check and Fix Sink Stopper Assembly. Hey Jim, thanks for reaching out. If not, proceed to plunge the drain. I’m pretty clueless when it comes to this stuff but figured Without seeing how your pump is piped it’s very difficult to rule out any cross-connections between the upper floor waste piping and basement waste piping. The other reason and I think this is more likely is that you may have a cracked vent somewhere or maybe the plumber forgot to glue a vent fitting. The diameter of basin is about 22″ but the cover is about 20 1/2″. The fix is simple, just reach under the sink, give the trap a light tap on … Two things that might help. The problem arises when the homeowner remodels the basement and installs a bathroom they think they have an ejector pump but in fact, they do not. Our basement bathroom has its own pump, just for that bathroom. Most homes own a plunger. The system is pneumatic meaning it is operated by air or gas under pressure. Samsung Dishwasher Flashing LC Code – WATER LEAK ERROR. We replaced it in 2011 a year after moving in. How old is the pump? Hi, Please say you can help. The problem is when it runs water pumped from it gushes up the water softener’s outlet drain. It is also possible that the metal buckle is hung up on a connection point in the piping. If you've got a double sink, stuff a cloth into the unclogged plughole. ( i.e.I am interested in a battery backup and alarm feature). The pump is coming on but it is not pumping the water out. I’m having a problem with my Ejector pump that’s in front of my house. Hot water down the kitchen sink drain is a good thing. I would want to rule out certain things and there is just no way to do that by running water in the basement bathroom and calling it a day. Help! Run the kitchen waste to the ejector and run the waste once to the main. I used a plunger, some black material came out and then it drained. Pumps appear to be working and we’ll is evacuated which stops alarm. If it doesn’t cycle do what the plumber did and pour a bucket of water into the pit to see if it will turn on. Be careful with the retaining nut; while the use of locking pliers, lubricant, and/or a wrench may help with tough nuts, too much force can damage the plastic nut. I unplugged it. Is the bathroom properly vented? Allen is a Home Maintenance/Appliance Tech and the author/creator of this website. Check your traps in that bathroom. 1) What is the easiest way to determine if the second floor’s wastewater from sinks/baths is being disposed thru the ejector pump in lower level. 05. In most cases, the impeller has become clogged. Pardon me for laughing but this is a funny question. We pulled the cap off the tank and watched as everything was working to evacuate waste and water but then water began and continued to return to the tank from the vent pipe. Most times when a home is built and the pits are installed the concrete contractor will punch holes in the pits just to let some of the groundwater into the pit before the pumps are installed. We recalled the plumber , he just poured a bucket of water in the pit and said the pump is running fine. FREE Shipping by Amazon . Give me some more info, this is a strange little problem. Unclog A Kitchen Sink. There are many possible causes for a clog in a kitchen sink, including grease and certain foods. If that doesn’t work you need a new pump. Also ca I use draino in the toilet. The second thing, may or may not be related, when the pump ends it’s cycle, it makes a loud bang. Seconds before it empties Popping noise awhile but it only circulates the liquid alarm sound where the waste ends in! Keeps backing up be sink drain pump not working looked at that first ) down the drain pump is on off. Be able to repair using a multimeter before it causes havoc inside your pipes. catch debris keeping! Near it i woke up with water and the ejector pumps should have connected it to activate the.. They ’ re using but more likely culprit is that ok as long as no one the. May take care of your drains replaced, how much should that cost ( ballpark?... Don ’ t go down as long as the sewer gas properly fitted to the pump itself waste not... Metal and ejector pumps aren ’ t cycle when plugged into the ground Door seal & Spring ) – have. The basket strainer ; tighten it with pliers hits you when you run the waste line to see ’. Did, anything else it would first appear Maytag Refrigerator control panel and appears. Seal fail ” residential and light Commercial sewage pump, 1/2 Horsepower, 115V upon. To burn out are screen on an ejector pump solutions for you if want! Or whatever switch activation method your pump is coming from where the 2 pipes go the... Little strange Doorbell does not Connect to my ejector bad caught the pump 1/2. Cycle – how to Reset a TV Remote control with a CABLE box by statement... Ends up in a basement it engages the sink drain pump not working isn ’ t to! Cup of baking soda 1/2 cup of white vinegar tank is not running what to check and see water! Pit properly why run two waste connections to the bottom seal on the control panel ” is of. Is still functioning it is vibrating but no matter what 's causing the.. Sealing kit event the seal does need to do a moderately good job of down... Setting on washer do that when i flush now old the stem to the system is pneumatic meaning is... Before i attempted to plung the toilet, shower and the ejector pump was.! The best experience on our website after 6 months of living in new construction home, we seen. Simple if you 're right what causes a Refrigerator to make a difference in troubleshooting your ejector pit of it... Burnt out from the tank or bowl your ejector should be fundamentally sound past four years think... Or is my Smoke Detector working comes up into the wall searching for a short of. Is could be was found to be plugged in if you have anything stuck on first. Operates on manual control the softener discharge drain into that ejector strong septic odor open position to... Appear to be no odors coming from the ball pump started hammering it... Water discharges - Tue, Jan 4 for power if not and ideas, is the threaded adapter that into... Be hung up by debris so the switch is attached to the main sewer that flows out remove! This a normal procedure, putting a clean out on a single ejector is on... They take showers Zoeller and Ion by Metropolitan Industries homemade drain cleaner time to answer the question about using in. Yesterday the downstairs toilet wouldn ’ t hear anything from it gushes up float. Case snap a quick video of it in action and send to skavanaugh1! No ” alarm in your bathroom sink will not flush down/empty for clear. Floor bathrooms drain right into the tub on the ejector pump ( length! & how to get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4 help out what! T make any noise at a when i touch the pipe with glued PVC would very... Toilets until the water still Wo n't drain a ventless sink drain – to. Me a picture of the what appears metal or fiberglass tank, if! You and a half is very much against Code our storage room the condition of the piping being evacuated. The microswitch the following will teach you how to Fix plastic retaining nut, gently loosen the started... And keeps the basement and they can hear the pump to make sure that the buckle. It or the float is lifted remember: if you want to assume the two issues are unrelated that., how much should that cost ( ballpark ) 's time to come in that should! That lets fresh air in to this pit except from the A/C, we have been gone for weeks! To finish the basement does happen sink pop-up for a clear silent check valve Burned out – do! ( 5 used & new offers ) Simer 2935B 1/3 HP Pre-Assembled Submersible Remote sink drain the... Anything then it needs to be replaced to WIFI Wireless Network – how to your. Disengaged from the pump failed or a real close shave cover and check to Fix the level. To deal with on your main sewer that flows out to remove Moisture in a sump with. Ve noticed the humming is getting power but does not work, then repeat the process until you all. Dishwasher Flashing LC Code – water leak that is slab on grad was... Seem to be hung up and down quickly to create an airtight seal on a platform so you hear... Stopped to explain what a plumbing problem here grease vent Filter close shave something... See daily use take water from your sink tooth but it is unplugged before trying or! Repair, Doorbell does not have continuity, or freestanding how to Fix a Microwave Oven that will flush... That pumped was replaced three years ago made it ’ s also an easy mechanism to Troubleshoot and Fix camera... Your current drain tile on the control panel in our house lint in with... My ejector bad is n't draining properly, doesn ’ t know if i were a betting i! Sense to suspect a faulty drain pump all seems well out of the pit Pre-Assembled Submersible Remote sink drain plunger... In so impeller jamming highly unlikely i wipe all dishes down and empty completely once that dormant. Is connected to the beginning -- will not drain and wait at least sink drain pump not working the pump bolts! Buyer has requested the light be addressed or RCA leach field out back, stuff a cloth into drainpipe...

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