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are turtles reptiles

Females must come back onto land to lay eggs. The main difference between the young ones born by mammals and reptiles is the lack of the placenta among reptiles. Respiration, for many amniotes, is achieved by the contraction and relaxation of specific muscle groups (i.e. The high extinction risk for Asian species is primarily due to the long-term unsustainable exploitation of turtles and tortoises for consumption and traditional Chinese medicine, and to a lesser extent for the international pet trade. Scales help prevent reptiles from losing water through their skin. One of the most colorful turtles is the eastern painted turtle, with a yellow plastron and a black or olive shell with red markings around the rim. Turtles overcome this problem with muscles that increase the space surrounding their lungs as they breathe in… Odontochelys displays a complete bony plastron and an incomplete carapace, similar to an early stage of turtle embryonic development. Gibbons, W., Greene, J., & Hagen, C. (2009c). Like all vertebrates, reptiles have bony skeletons that support their bodies. [68] The date of separation of turtles and birds and crocodiles was estimated to be 255 million years ago. Every reptile family includes turtles animal, crocodiles, alligators, lizards and snakes etc. That was the short answer. (2013). The word amphibian refers specifically to members of the class amphibia, but the word amphibious that comes from the same root means “operating or living on land and in water.” It is Immersion periods vary between 60 seconds and 1 hour depending on the species. One of the few exceptions is the African pancake tortoise, which has a flat, flexible shell that allows it to hide in rock crevices. This is supported by fossils of the freshwater Odontochelys semitestacea or "half-shelled turtle with teeth", from the late Triassic, which have been found near Guangling in southwest China. Keratin also forms the scales of other reptiles. Reptiles are cold-blooded, hairless, egg-laying vertebrates. Like other reptiles, turtles are cold-blooded, their body temperature depends directly on the temperature of the air or water around them and they breathe air. [79], Some turtles, particularly small terrestrial and freshwater turtles, are kept as pets. Of the 360 known extant species,[2][4] some are highly endangered.[2]. [95], Efforts have been made by Chinese entrepreneurs to satisfy increasing demand for turtle meat as gourmet food and traditional medicine with farmed turtles, instead of wild-caught ones; according to a study published in 2007, over a thousand turtle farms operated in China. [3] Colloquially, the word "turtle" is generally restricted to fresh-water and sea-dwelling Testudines. Turtles are among the most primitive and oldest reptiles on the planet having evolved over millions of years. [39] Tortoises have rather heavy shells. Chelonia is based on the Greek word for turtles, χελώνη chelone; Greek χέλυς chelys "tortoise" is also used in the formation of scientific names of chelonians. [41] Remarkably, tortoises that were tested 9 years after the initial training still retained the operant conditioning. | Oxford Dictionaries". Yes, sea turtles are reptiles. The turtles can take up dissolved oxygen from the water using these papillae, in much the same way that fish use gills to respire.[52]. A snake plays a prominent role in the biblical story of Genesis. The vast majority of the 350 or so species of turtles and … Males belonging to semi-aquatic and bottom-walking species instead often use their larger size advantage to forcibly mate with a female. The complexity and expense of proper turtle and tortoise husbandry is often underestimated. [31] As previously mentioned, the act of specific abdominal muscles pulling down the viscera (or pushing back up) is what allows for respiration in turtles. Turtles are divided into two groups, according to how they retract their necks into their shells (something the ancestral Proganochelys could not do). This list excludes sea turtles; however, both the leatherback and the Kemp's ridley would make the top 25 list. A combined analysis of morphological and molecular data conducted by Lee (2001) found turtles to be anapsids (though a relationship with archosaurs could not be statistically rejected). In recent turtles, the cervical column consists of nine joints and eight independent vertebrae. Some states have other laws and regulations regarding possession of red-eared sliders as pets because they are looked upon as invasive species or pests where they are not native, but have been introduced through the pet trade. In most turtles, the shell's outer layer is covered by horny scales called scutes that are part of its outer skin, or epidermis. The smallest turtle is the speckled padloper tortoise of South Africa. Herbivorous turtles have serrated-edged ridges that help them cut through tough plants. In some species, shells may have red, orange, yellow, or grey markings, often spots, lines, or irregular blotches. The last two groups are archosaurs, a very specialized group of reptiles that have been around for 225 million years! Turtles and tortoises are both reptiles, they have near similar physical appearance, but turtles can live on land and in water. The first genome-wide phylogenetic analysis was completed by Wang et al. In this case the male extends his forelegs with the palms facing out and flutters his forelegs in the female's face. The largest of all hard-shelled turtles, loggerheads are named for their massive heads and strong jaws (leatherbacks are bigger but have soft shells). [45] In fully aquatic species, males are often smaller than females and therefore they cannot use the same strategy as their semi-aquatic relatives, which relies on overpowering the females with strength. This dwarfs the better-known alligator snapping turtle, the largest chelonian in North America, which attains a shell length of up to 80 cm (2.6 ft) and weighs as much as 113.4 kg (250 lb). [45], Wood turtles are an example of a terrestrial species where the males have a hierarchical ranking system based on dominance through fighting, and it has been shown that the males with the highest rank and thus the most wins in fights have the most offspring. The farm also releases specimens to the wild as part of an effort to repopulate the Caribbean Sea. These vocalizations may serve to create group cohesion when migrating. They also need opportunities to climb, dig and forage. Snake bite causes the death of an estimated 100,000 people annually. [97], Harvesting wild turtles is legal in a number of states in the US. Both Blanding’s and Spotted Turtles are long-lived animals that take a minimum of 7 (Spotted) to 14 (Blanding’s) years to reach reproductive age. This means that strictly speaking all tortoises are turtles, but not all turtles are tortoises. The turtle shell has a top ( carapace) and a bottom ( plastron ). [76][77], Though absent from New Zealand in recent times, turtle fossils are known from the Miocene Saint Bathans Fauna, represented by a meiolaniid and pleurodires. "Turtle" may refer to the order as a whole (American English) or to fresh-water and sea-dwelling Testudines (British English).

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