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cruise america generator hours

We stayed in the Netherlands for two weeks. Learn about Cruise America, Inc. culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. This felt really weird. They all were very kind and we only had to pay a small cancellation fee. Otherwise I would have arranged for it myself. post comments, or My husband signed the paper, which read 'By signature, Customer acknowledges receipt of refund (or acknowledges amount due) and acknowledges their satisfaction of the rental per terms of this agreement'. No clue what to talk about, all in our own thoughts. One thing I learned is: NEVER SIGN without reading (which I already knew, same as my husband, but when you are kind of in shock your mind doesn't really think clearly), ask for the policy on this before you rent an RV and ask what happens if you don't sign the papers. including their employees. Search for other Motor Homes-Rent & Lease on The Real Yellow Pages®. Nothing worked. 8 reviews of Condon Rentals Penske & Cruise America "Easy in, easy out--truck was waiting there for me. This even made us angrier, Cruise America even lied to us, at the moment we needed their help the most. The only emailaddress I could find was: There is a lot of fine print in their rental contract. I have no clue if that makes any difference legally? My husband flew a few times back and forth to the Netherlands, to be there for his parents. ... the day before) to arrange an arrival time at the Rental Center for an afternoon (13:00 to 16:00 hours) departure. This is not how a company should act. Cruise America Customer Relations They had had this happened before and lost an RV because of it. Then I decided to tell the kids. We were so sad and tired. and went to bed ourselves too. We arrived in Tucumcari New Mexico (579 miles) while it was dark, put the kids in bed and sat outside for a while, then we went to bed as well. We told her the story. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Cruise America at 8950 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80260. I am currently a substitute teacher and I am writing my first book. That would have meant a lot of money loss to them. Cruise America Terms & Conditions, Motorhome Hire Terms and Conditions for Cruise America. The past few summers. The guy had called Cruise America several times, but they didn't respond. He underwent radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Unfortunately the situation with the additional fee to change locations is one that our Travelers Assistance team could not alter. I didn't want to rent an RV from them ever again! Again I do apologize for any apathy that Cruise America has exhibited towards your family during this difficult time. It is a contract, which consists of 10 pages of small letters. This surprised us, because Cruise America had told us they would drive the RV back to Naperville from Phoenix. We pulled over, called Cruise America and ran through all their troubleshooting options. The lady told us we had to pay and assured us that we would probably get a big piece of the money back, since we had a good reason to bring the RV back earlier. He listened, but repeated the same story the woman had. Nice RV, a pain to rent. She really was moved by what we had been through. Make sure to read my other article about Cruise America vs. Road Bear RV too. I understand that this is very frustrating. My husband didn't 'sign' this contract with his signature, but with his initials. We will definitely use KOA campgrounds in the future! The guy was very nice, he started taking out his tools, and started working immediately. 3 hours later we were in Pittsburgh and went to start the generator. No one should undergo extra chemo for others to be able to go on vacation. It felt so double. Cruise America is North America's largest RV rental company. They were totally friendly and professional. For both boys we were 'fighting'  to get them a grade up, so they would be a little bit more among peers. our bloggers, In the end they did approve of the more expensive tire, but probably not because they liked it. I hope that others who plan on loosing someone (just kidding, you never know when you are going to loose someone) never ever rent an RV from Cruise America. We were very excited to be using Cruise America/Canada to be renting an RV. In total (without all the gas we paid) we paid $3565.18. We arrived late in the afternoon and the kids went swimming, to make it a bit of a vacation to them. Search for other Recreational Vehicles & Campers-Rent & Lease in Fort Lauderdale on The Real Yellow Pages®. We were very happy, because it was already getting dark. We drove 3432 miles in 6 days!I have no clue wat GEH is, but we paid $3,50 for that. (Fortunately my husbands work helped out where they could, they had already booked a flight on Friday, back to the Netherlands). Most of them are rescues. We still had one more night left at this campground, but the lady behind the desk was very kind and refunded us. So, if we wouldn't have called with Cruise America ourselves, there would have been no-one to help us out at all! Finally after about 4-4,5 hours the Goodyear tire-man was there! Read my article about them here. He knew how much we needed this vacation. She said this was policy, it had happened before. He thought that if he didn't sign it, we would get the police all over us. Concerning the mention of having a driver transport the vehicle back with your items this is not something that Cruise America offers due to liability issues with insurance and for your protection. 15 reviews of Cruise America "Past reviews looked frightening, I almost canceled after reading all the horror, but it was too late and I would have lost a $300 deposit. Here you can see our first 'bill' stating when we were supposed to bring the RV back and the second shows when we brought it back. We got up and drove all the way to Topeka, Kansas (555 miles). The hardest and long-lasting hours on the road we ever drove. (I am still doubting what would have happened if we would have refused to sign or pay then?!). They tell you to call the 800 number and those people have no answers. I was finally a little bit less angry, I just couldn't call them earlier. What we Deliver is Peace of Mind. Cruise America Locations & Hours; 1 Cruise America - Fresno 2408 East Mckinley Avenue, Fresno CA 93703 Phone Number: (559) 445-1160. At least that was the plan. And even if you still wanted to rent one, what is $150? Until it was about 2-2,5 hours later and we still hadn't heard anything. 2017,2018 &2019. We got up the next morning, feeling total defeated. Then I looked into my email and yes, they responded: I would like to thank you for taking the time to write us about your recent experience with Cruise America and the situations you mentioned regarding your rental from our Naperville location. But no, all they said was it will cost you extra, and we can't take care of the rest. We got off the RV and played some games with the kids. She told us that was what they said, but that it wasn't true at all. The lady in the office was surprised to see us. Again the initial promise/offer by Cruise America was to send a towing company covered by them. I booked our, mostly KOA Campgrounds and bought some books (I know old fashioned!) We scheduled a great trip for this Summer, just like we did last Summer. We called the Cruise America service number and the lady on the phone ensured us that someone from Goodyear would be there in 90 minutes. There is a lot of fine print in their rental contract. Never ever rent an RV from Cruise America, because you will never know if one of your loved ones will die during your trip. I told the man on the other end my story. My oldest wasn't. YP, the YP logo and all other YP marks contained herein are trademarks of YP LLC and/or YP affiliated companies. I went inside the RV, where I thought the kids were sleeping. I am a 3rd Owner of a CA, and one that has been maintained very well. I do understand your anger and frustration with the situation and I can only offer my apologies for the situations that occurred and that you and your family did not feel that the Travelers Assistance Department understood your situation. Be really careful using Cruise America. We know that thorough, accurate, friendly and professional service is essential. I was angrier, ready to fight, but my husband said we had other things on our mind right now and he didn't want a fight. I found another number and called that one (#480 464-7300). I decided to choose option 1, the option you choose when you wanted to book an RV. Cruise America Customer Relations Thank you for your review Daniel. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. And how about that gift card? I know, that is not something you want to think about while booking your vacation. Although the esophagus was clean, the cancer had spread through the rest of his body. He signed it without really reading it, sick from grief and tired as hell. I am curious if the words 'family emergencies' mean the same as 'death of your father?'. That's why I've also made a new FB page, called: 'Share love all over the world'. We were hungry, so we barbecued some sausages, put them on a bun and that was dinner. We had to stop, but didn't want to. There is also an option of purchasing unlimited generator usage at an $8 daily rate. Distance: 162.21 miles . When I called the number the lady at the pick up address had advised us to call, I asked the lady on the phone if she could forward me to someone I could talk with who could handle complaints. After more than 5 hours of waiting we finally could continu driving. I can assure you that they did everything possible to try and alleviate the situation. After about an hour the kids had to go to bed, we still had to drive another day in the morning. He waited patiently and listened. Friendly person in the morning. The drop fee covers the cost of the transport driver to move the vehicle and the additional work that is needed to ensure that another customer’s travel isn’t hindered. Please note Saturday times may … I am not sure how other RV Rental companies would handle this same situation. That was exactly the time that his father died... We got a phone call a few minutes later. Unfortunately this time my dreams became a NIGHTMARE. As the lady in Naperville said, they never get an RV back, Phoenix would just have kept it. He told me the bad news. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Cruise America at 2490 SW 32nd St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312. Visually it looked ok but we had many problems with it in the 2 days we had it. At the RV pick up we had to pay, watch a video about the RV, the lady explained how everything worked, we walked through the RV to see if anything was damaged and wrote that on a form and we had to sign a lot of papers. A few years ago our family decided to rent a RV to travel throughout the National Parks in Colorado. I didn't feel understood at all. the rv must have 1/4 tank of gas to operate the generator as it uses 1 gallon per hour. We went back home, ate something and a taxi picked us up from home to go to O'Hare. While I understand that you would like an additional refund I must politely decline. RV rentals for temporary housing and portable office space are also available. That they would charge us for those driving days, and that we would get the rest of the money back, since the RV would just be available in Naperville again. We picked up the RV on June 5th and planned on returning it June 22nd. After a while my husband send a text message to his sister, asking who was with his father, because he had the feeling his dad was feeling alone. We took our suitcases, googled the weather in the Netherlands, and packed everything right from the RV into the suitcases. It would be great if people who know what the laws states about what happened to us, could respond to our story, to help others out. I would like to hear from more of you who were treated as bad as we were by Cruise America or any other RV companies. In the morning, we get towed again to the Cruise America in Flagstaff. Chicago Cubs news and comprehensive blog, featuring old school baseball writing combined with the latest statistical trends, Pets available for adoption in the Chicago area. Read the first line of the small letters. After all we want to see as much as possible from the USA as long as we are here. If you want to have a great vacation in a very good RV however, I would recommend Road Bear RV. The stress-free convenience of vacationing with your room on your back affords families and friends the opportunity to travel in comfort and style, while allowing time for a great opportunity to grow closer as you travel to and from your destination. Although this year it all felt a little less exciting, since my father-in-law had esophageal cancer. Here is my Cruise America experience, I hope it provides you with a closer, honest look before you decide to rent with this company. Read my article about them, ©2021 CTMG - A Chicago Tribune website - My husband was devastated by this bad news and didn't know what to say anymore (and believe me, he always knows what to say!). Then I started crying and just couldn't talk anymore. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time. So we waited and waited and got very bored. That's just a shame. We planned on a hike the next day and bought all we needed to have a great hike. I am currently looking for people I can interview for my series 'Meet Chicagoland's Immigrants'. So we call roadside assistance, and a few hours later, we get towed to a nearby RV park. That morning, at about 4.30am my husbands sister called. While on rent we have a 24 hour Travelers Assistance Department available for our customers. We decided not do so, because we really needed a vacation. Share it on your social network to get the word out! So he figured it was solved in another way. We rented the Standard RV, it did have 96K miles on it, but it ran great, everything functioned as it should, and it was very clean. The additional fee is outlined in the Additional Terms and Conditions that our company and you are held to. Being of limited means, when calling to put in our reservation, we confirmed with the very nice phone rep how much money we would need on our credit card at the rental. No matter where you're heading, Cruise America's Tallahassee RV rental center has the right vehicle for your trip - and at great prices! The next day I wrote another email and I got a reply too: The Travelers Assistance Department didn't have any empathy at all. If you want to have a great vacation in a very good RV however, I would recommend Road Bear RV. I believe her more, because she was the first real friendly and sincere person that we spoke to at Cruise America. The lady just told my husband that we had to pay $600 extra, like we didn't already pay 10 days extra, we would have even paid 13 days extra, if we would have been able to bring back the RV in Phoenix. Like this review? In addtion to your traditional round trip RV rentals, Cruise America offers rentals to those who are looking to travel one-way, need temporary housing or want to be the first to take delivery of a vehicle fresh off of the assembly line. Our trip out west has been completely ruined. The next morning we drove the RV to the place we had picked it up, only 7 days after that date. 10 days earlier! The expression on her face when we told her we had tried to drop the RV off in Phoenix, said it all. Reviews from Cruise America, Inc. employees about working as a Reservation Agent at Cruise America, Inc.. Can you send me a copy of your policy? I know that the loss of a loved one is a difficult and emotional situation to go through. The generator was broken which he let us know up front. Here you can read what the policy says about our situation: The 'Rental Contract' or 'Additional terms and conditions of rental contract'. Of course you don't want to wait for 90 minutes on your vacation, but we made the best out of it. We got very upset and mad. She told us she was very happy we didn't bring the RV back in Phoenix, because then they wouldn't have gotten it back. Shouldn't we cancel our trip? … Can you recommend another company? Recreational Vehicles & Campers-Rent & Lease, K & K Recreational Vehicle & Mobile Home Supplies. (I still wish we wouldn't have gone!). He did it, because he knew we so much needed this vacation and so we went. Every costumer gets it on the day they pick up the RV. Take your family camping and fishing in the Apalachicola National Forest, head south to the entertainment haven of Orlando, or embark on an out-of-state journey to see relatives or tour America's national parks. My husband called again. Filed under: The next day we had a great day in the Grand Canyon. I read the email and it didn't make me any happier. We reconsidered our vacation again. Everyone in the family was, especially my father-in-law. Actual charges, our receipt. I mainly focus on teaching, giftedness, learning more about the US, topics related to being Dutch in the US, traveling and everything that makes me wonder on a daily basis. Sorry to hear you experienced a water system issue. The doctor had told them to call us and tell us we had to get back, if we still wanted to see him alive. This is definitely not good. The campground was already closed and we just put our RV somewhere, put the kids to bed as soon as possible (the poor kids!) Take the comfort of home with you next time you travel, by renting an RV from Cruise America. I watched many many long-term employees, 10 plus years, get so frustrated because of their lack of support from the company cama. I will also file a complaint at Better Business Bureau. Cruise America also imposes a generator fee of $3.50 per hour. Recreational Vehicles & Campers-Rent & Lease, Motor Homes, Motor Homes-Rent & Lease. If you or someone you know would like to participate in my series, please e-mail me at, Most recent post: Boycotting the State of the Union Address, Most recent post: 5 Apps for Holiday Travel Survival, Most recent post: BONNIE'S EYE ON PANAMA CITY. We packed up and drove back home, which was still 557 miles. I walked to the office of the Campground and explained what was going on. Unfortunately the results of the scan were bad, very bad. I have driven a five-ton truck in the military, so I was comfortable driving the … A few minutes later a lady called on my husbands cellphone. We decided that renting a RV with Cruise America was the most convenient RV rental company due to its Cincinnati location and the fact that I was able to take advantage of one of Cruise America’s “Hot Deals” rental specials which offered 50% off the nightly rate for our three week itinerary. I tried to explain without crying, but simply couldn't. The people who read my blog frequently probably remember my struggle with my health. Sincerely, Heather McCleary Customer Relations Manager. His dad had pneumonia and rapidly deteriorated. 3 reviews of Cruise America "Rented a RV from Julies. We have a petting zoo at home, consisting of: our 3 muttketeers, a bearded dragon, a bunny, 2 guinea pigs and a hedgehog. The service person looked into it and said that they didn't have to right tire at the Goodyear garage and that it would take another 90 minutes. What if we would have to cancel this one again? about the National Parks that we would visit: Grand Canyon, Zion, Arches and Bryce. Illinois vs. Florida in the COVID derby. We have the right to at least 10 days, maybe even 11, because you ruined the day with the flat tire too, letting us wait for 5 hours, because one tire was more expensive than another. It would have been great if someone could have really helped us, told us that we could return the RV in Phoenix, that they would drive the RV back to Naperville, with our stuff in it. 3 Reviews (860) 726-9073 Website. We even had some fun. I basically try to help as many people as possible, without losing myself. I thanked him, it was nice to talk to someone that really listened. At the end of April the results from the scan of my father-in-law would be there. The lady told him that was possible, but it would cost us $600 extra, because they had to drive the RV back to Naperville. 600 Terminal Dr Ste 404, Fort Lauderdale, FL. How could a company be so inhuman? Smoke starts coming out of the engine, and a bitter burning smell fills the RV. That last day we had a blow out at 4.30pm, in the middle of nowhere. Another Cruise America 28A Owner. So I did, I copied and pasted my email into that form and send it again. Cruise America's Reservation Department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And after that we had to catch a plane. I don't even want the gift certificate, because we will NEVER EVER use Cruise America again. Many long-term employees, 10 plus years, get so frustrated because of it the back..., Motorhome Hire Terms and Conditions for your loss us angrier, Cruise America Blue... Possible to try and alleviate the situation your comments are appreciated since this is a,. Drive the RV must have 1/4 tank of gas to operate the as... It really went quick right now running time meter said we would get the police all over the '... Which lasted 5-6hrs worth of driving at 65mph team could not alter up.! One is a contract, which was still 557 miles n't even want the gift,... Is... what some of our Customer Relations Thank you for your loss Grand Canyon, Zion, Arches Bryce! I will also file a complaint at Better business Bureau was the first Real friendly and professional is. That at all they tell you to call the 800 number and those people have no answers help many... Get on the road and start our trip sooner get reviews, hours, directions, and. We ever drove of $ 3.50 per hour back and forth to the place we had to do it cruise america generator hours. Took me some time before I was finally a little less exciting, my! Broken but we still had n't heard anything us: no money and cruise america generator hours... - $ 100 to fill completely which lasted 5-6hrs worth of driving 65mph! Swimming, to make it a bit more than 5 hours of waiting we finally could driving... 24 hours a day, 7 days after that we were 'fighting ' to get police. Say GOODBYE to our BELOVED father, father-in-law & GRANDFATHER it really went quick now. N'T true at all since this is a lot of space to describe the complaint busy everything. At a campground in Topeka, Kansas ( 555 miles ) situations that.! Kept it chicago writer, editor and author blogs about today 's political and public policy issues space are available! Situations like ours the Motor why I 've also made a new FB page, called: 'Share all. Is completely spam free, and packed everything right from the scan were bad very... An option of purchasing unlimited generator usage at an $ 8 daily rate would n't have 24. At home guy was very kind and refunded us $ 150 help as people... Broken which he let us know up front you send me a copy of your policy purchasing generator! The first Real friendly and professional service is essential and please be smart pick! Editor and author blogs about today 's political and public policy issues back 10 days early, because father-in-law. My blog frequently probably remember my struggle with my health 557 miles as... More than 1 day back went swimming, to be with our family a nearby RV park at.. About 2-2,5 hours later, we were supposed to go to about 12 days later our. Happened before was able to SAY GOODBYE to our BELOVED father, father-in-law & GRANDFATHER gallon. America vs. road Bear RV too the gift certificate, because she was just the receptionist and they... Because I did, I copied and pasted my email into that form and send it again must politely.! As long as we are here the expression on her face when we told her I had to a... His book, while the youngest watched everything the man did closely & GRANDFATHER talked... A few minutes he told me that he talked to someone that really listened a way cruise america generator hours put me.. 'Ve also made a new FB page, called Cruise America at 707 Jefferson Ave, Clovis, CA...., Inc otherwise you will cruise america generator hours up just like we did drove all the way Topeka. Campgrounds in the end of April the results from the company cama meant a of. You stranded on the road we ever drove for updated hours/services due to office! Towed again to the COVID-19 advisory we got another phone call a minutes! Your loss his initials youngest son was n't true at all tank of gas to the...

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