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mk7 golf heater cold one side

Does this car has one or two hot/cold flaps? iam a new member so i thought i'd let you know of my experience. ad[21]='http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/images/Banner/motoreasy.gif' This is caused by the matrix can blocking, causing it to split, which in turn soaks the passenger footwell with water (and hopefully not your passenger’s feet with hot coolant). ad[19]='http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/images/Banner/easyyard.jpg'; Golf No Heat: How the Heater Works. Im only getting hot air from the passenger side, whilst the drivers side stays cold. There is only one heater core and it is not split, so if one side is hot and the other is not that has to be a blend door actuator issue. Vw Golf 6 Heater blowing cold air on one side Vw Diesel P1156 Map sensor Diagnosing an engine without using faultcodes Bmw e39 airsuspension diagnose Peugeot 208 P0420 / Catalytic converter diagnose and Fix! No vacuum is used. ad[12]='http://www.chrisknott.co.uk/images/banners/rightchoice_468x60.gif'; It is also equipped with back recessed handle, so the portable design of this space air heater can help you get warmth anytime and anywhere in the cold winter.The PROWARM electric space heater has 3 heat settings: fan only, low and high heating. links[13]='http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?24937-The-VWAudi-Forum-Insurance-Scheme-In-Assosiation-with-Chris-Knot'; If one flap, is it possible that heater core is clogged and if yes, how that causes no heat on passenger side? var ad=new Array() |anyone for personal purpose as long as this copyright | My car has an automatic transmission. I think there is just the one heater matrix. +---------------------------------------------------------+ ad[7]='http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/images/Banner/Central.gif'; Ive just bought a 2004 golf FSI 2.0, Its a lovely drive and actually faster than i thought it was going to be. ... Hi everybody. | Ad Simple Copyright www.YugDesign.com | 1. ad[22]='http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/images/Banner/vm.gif' It may help to adjust the temp. the fan does kick in. ad[10]='http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/images/Banner/rac.gif'; ad[25]='http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/images/Banner/motoreasy.gif' ad[15]='http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/images/Banner/vws1.jpg'; Average repair cost is $960 at 61,700 miles. check the heater core hoses after the engine is hot both should be hot but if i am right one will be hot the other cold and if so heater core is plugged and is an easy fix with some compressed air and CLR. ad[24]='http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/images/Banner/motoreasy.gif' This is the car with Climatic (no dual zone) system that has no heat on the passenger side of the car. Golf mk7 tdi heater blowing cold. Not easy to get to. ad[20]='http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/images/Banner/hct1.gif'; links[5]='http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?24937-The-VWAudi-Forum-Insurance-Scheme-In-Assosiation-with-Chris-Knot'; ad[3]='http://www.chrisknott.co.uk/images/banners/rightchoice_468x60.gif'; On your vehicle you have a dual section heater core. Heater core exterior: The heat-radiating fins on the outside of your heater core could also be clogged with debris that makes its way in from the outside air intake at the base of the windshield. links[6]='http://www.gapinsurance.co.uk/default.asp?Ref=VWAudiF'; ad[17]='http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/images/Banner/ss.gif'; i mentioned it to skoda who was doing the timing belt and ... Volkswagen Golf 2.3 V5 170bhp 2002. Its a long radiator a(say about 1.4m) and its the furtherest from boiler on top floor, though there is another radiator on the top floor nearby which is fine. ga('require', 'displayfeatures'); Here's the link: Current: 72 VW Bus / 82 Rabbit Diesel / 93 Corrado VR6 / 97 Golf ABA / 01 Boxster S / 06 Mk5 GTI / 06 4Runner V8 / 06 Cayman S. I think 7 and 8 are only for recirc. My Golf mk7 decided to stop giving any heating, although the AC still works and the air still blows. VW actually extended warranty on Passat's for heater core- 120k miles or 10 years. The problem with it is My heaters dont get very hot AT ALL, it just blows luke warm air when on the highest setting. No part of the VW Audi Forum website or forum may be reproduced without written permission from the site administration Check your heater as you golf. ... in the R at 22 I get cold air from the 2 dash side vents and hot everywhere else and to get hot everywhere I … Heater blowing cold air. links[12]='http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?24937-The-VWAudi-Forum-Insurance-Scheme-In-Assosiation-with-Chris-Knot'; I have a 2014 Passat TDI SE 6M and am having similar issues. Remove the heater when you’re done golfing. Very common problem- clogged heater core. GT-TDI heating issues - only blows cold - posted in MkIV (Mk4) Golf & Bora: Hey guys, just picked up an AHF 110 gttdi, on an S reg with 140k on the clock..... Theres no air con. ad[14]='http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/images/Banner/sinspeed.jpg'; Close the salon heater, wait ~5-7min and repeat step 2, it should act the same. Had to replace the heater core and all went back to normal. If one flap, is it possible that heater core is clogged and if yes, how that causes no heat on passenger side? Nice and warm. No problem at all and heating works very well. Prise out the cover behind the ashtray to remove the one screw. - Now push the bushing all the way in and notice it now sits flush. ad[11]='http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/images/Banner/rac.gif'; In floor mode warm air on the drivers side and cold air on the passenger side. It can run on one lung. You must log in or register to reply here. ad[8]='http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/images/Banner/cr.jpg'; links[6]='http://www.gapinsurance.co.uk/default.asp?Ref=VWAudiF'; ad[0]='http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/images/Banner/autobulbs.gif'; script.async = true; (window.jQuery && __versionCompare(window.jQuery.fn.jquery, "1.7.2", ">=")) || document.write('

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