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heart healthy soup diet

Monounsaturated fat 3.3 g You can’t add anything more. There are many variations of this diet with very subtle differences but yet very similar that they are just called by different names. I blend mine and I actually prefer it that way. That scale can be your own worst enemy, as one day it will boost you and then the next day can deflate you just as quick. Good luck and best wishes in your endeavor!! Too many revisions have become permanent thanks to the Internet. “Studies have shown that olive oil may help to reduce the risk of heart disease especially when it's used in place of unhealthy saturated and trans fats.”. Then only get back on that scale on day 8 early morning under the same conditions as on day 1. You can’t always lose and I’m ok with it. The diet was supposedly thought to come from the cardiology department at Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital where it was used for overweight heart patients. In the end, this is just 7 to 14 days sacrifice in your life, it’s nothing, it’s just dust under your finger nails. Here’s a link to good green leaf vegetables…. Fish can be a delicious addition to a heart-healthy diet. This hearty soup calls for barley, which offers many health benefits. I’ve used this diet without the chicken noodle in the soup and had great results. Or like my previous post said, use low calorie salad dressing, only if you must. With no calorie or portion guidelines in place, people could consume too little calories or way too many on certain days. Fatty fish (like salmon … And you commit and do everything right, your chances are good to achieve that weight loss. I promise you that i’ll eat this green vegetables without oil 😉 2 cans green beans Last time I had cramps the doctor gave me vitamin E and magnesium.. Are the drinks listed allowed on all days? That I cannot help you with, so you’ll have to find the right ingredient to compensate for the meat protein. He scold me a bit saying losing that much weight that fast can be unhealthy, I told him, you give me a diet that makes me lose that amount of weight in that time frame without killing myself in a gym and I’ll follow it. So, yes have a “reward day on day 10, but be careful and don’t risk all your hard work for junk food. Anything processed (LIPTONS CHICKEN NOODLE) Is a tip off . I even mentioned it in the phase we all go through, the third day is the make it or break it day. Makes the diet much easer to get through, How did you fair at the end using the progressive light soup as I’m on day one and so sick of the homemade soup ! Hey Ted, But I don’t drink as much on the other days, I try real hard to drink 4-5 tall glasses of water a day plus what I’ve said above. Exactly what Ted said, try and play with your spices to with the raw veggies, like low sodium seasoning salt or lemon pepper. Will I get sick? If so, then you’re going through a hardship for nothing. Because I did not have the same body fat % as to when I started. Hi Barbara, Eat until you are full with fresh raw, cooked or canned veggies. It’s loaded with vegetables, which in addition to their many other health benefits can help shrink your waistline. Also, the diet is pretty low in saturated fat, it doesn't contain any processed, simple carbs and it is virtually trans fat free. Like I said previously, many also did this diet and followed it to a “T” but didn’t get the end results they hoped/expected after going through the hardship of this diet. If you’ve eaten your quota needed of soup for the day, you can eat your fruits (when allowed) and veggies at anytime and as much as you want till you’re full. It’s hard to stick to this hot soup diet on hot days. If person A)’s goal is to lose 30-35 lbs in two, maybe three 7 day diets with 2 weeks off and eating right in between. You can repeat the cycle for as long as you like or until you achieve your weight loss goal. 10 kg’s is 22 lbs loss, fantastic achievement! 10:00 am ; Large bowl of soup till you’re full/veggies My answer is simple, I was able to do so for two major reasons… I am on day 3 and have lost no weight. I did the cabbage soup diet. Nothing wrong either way. 6:00 pm ; large bowl of soup till you’re full plus 1 baked potato I am going to start it again on the 27th and stick to it to a T this time. Originally, you needed to chop a medium had of cabbage, cover with water, cook down, then add the other ingredients, and it was just canned or fresh tomatoes, not stewed. no, ranch would add a lot of extra calories. Will cut veggies smaller next time. I usually do keto eating afterwards, but I alternate days of very few carbs with “healthy carb days”, so my hormones don’t get too grumpy. That way, you’re always feeding your body so it doesn’t store any fat in case you don’t feed it. Are you doing exactly whats listed…and water how much….you must get your water in and eat a lot of soup.. Lost 6 lbs and im on day 5 today, can u substitute beef with chicken one day, thanks. pack frozen string beans 4 carrots (diced) … Hope you’re ok. I weigh myself when I wake up and when I’m about to go to bed. The link is of a small list of different green leafy vegetables you can eat. Where you live may affect your risk of heart disease. Be careful how you eat till the 27th, you don’t want to gain it back, especially knowing you’re doing it again in a couple of weeks. What is your height? I want to start this diet,but I don’t know how to prepare the soup? I will be doing this once a month to continue to cleanse and maintain. Thank you again,very helpful every information you give 😁 If I have any other question during my diet I will contact you,thank you 😍 I wish you the best 😁, Sara J

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