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how to make postcards to sell

Is that allowed? Glitter, glue, and other items for decoration can help your greeting cards stand out. Supplies: Cereal boxes or other packaged goods Paper cutter or Exacto knife Ruler Permanent Marker Optional: Corner Punch . For more info, read Buildings Copyright and Trademarks. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame v. Gentile, 1998. The Value of a Postcard. Cards that are unique tend to sell better so don't be afraid to let your personality show through. If you don’t want the hassle and time of selling postcards yourself, you could search for a postcard publisher. You might not want to buy a printer yourself, as they can be expensive, but you can pay to use the right printer at a local print shop. 6. Print off your new postcards! Do I … There are no restrictions that I know of concerning public views of public buildings, or even public views of private buildings (other than privacy). Copyright Office, Title 17 USC Section 120 (a). Starting Out 1. There was a landmark case on this very issue, called Rock and Roll Hall of Fame v. Gentile, 1998. Based on our numbers we’d probably have to sell some of these common and uncommon cards individually to make up our margins into a profitable one. Contact various greeting card companies and see if they accept outside designs and new ideas. Upload designs to print-on-demand sites like Zazzle. A: Yes. Use your imagination when creating your cards. See if there is a postcard publisher that covers Nashville. How I design + sell cards on Etsy I recently opened up the floor to my Instagram followers and asked them to send in their burning questions about lettering, running an Etsy store, and manufacturing paper goods. Greeting cards are seasonal, therefore, you will need to start planning seasonal cards in advance to give you time for marketing prior to the season and to give you time to make and sell the cards … 1. Cards tend to sell more around holidays, but cards may also sell well during wedding seasons. Your "Directory of Postcard publishers" does not work. Whether you’re a group of backpackers creating a postcard to commemorate your trip or an artist’s collective promoting a show together — we make it easy for people to design together. Learn more with:Links to Postcard PublishersPhoto Tips for Postcard PhotographersHow To Become A Postcard Photographer. Copyright law has a specific exception for architecture: Pictorial Representations PermittedThe copyright in an architectural work that has been constructed does not include the right to prevent the making, distributing, or public display of pictures, paintings, photographs, or other pictorial representations of the work, if the building in which the work is embodied is located in or ordinarily visible from a public place.#8212;U.S. Compile a team, if necessary… If your costs for printing, warehousing and shipping come to $5 per book, that’s a profit of $2 per book, or about 10% of the retail price. On the .99 cards I make .55 for the first card after all fees and shipping, and shipping material costs have been paid for. Are you planning on selling cards for the younger generation? So yes, you could reproduce those cards. Go to a tourist store and look on the backs of postcards to see who publishes them, then contact the publisher. Dealers usually specialise in certain fields and are a great source of … The other key factor when pricing handmade cards are what the market will bear. Some are made with unusual materials and some are slightly risqué even for today. Then post it for sale. Although there is a small upfront cost, you get a legal agreement to use the images for your specific purpose. Upload the designs on the computer and save. With books, as an example, the publisher might get around 1/3 of the retail price (e.g. By the end of this post, I’m hoping we both learn how you could make money selling new and old postcards. Always let your fans know when you've produced a new card and any updates on where customers can buy your cards. They may allow you to set up a display “on consignment” which means you provide everything and they only pay you for postcards that sell. We buy hundreds of thousands of vintage cards each year and will pay top dollar for your collection. If, after pricing all the individual elements of making the card, the cost is much too high for the chosen market, then the cards will fail to sell. Are you working on cards for children, teens, adults? Altering is not a good approach (the Obama “Hope” poster was not sufficiently altered to avoid copyright). is one of the largest online vintage postcard dealers. Its not a means of retiring from selling pictures but does mean people are seeing your work, and to know someone has bought something is just a great feeling in itself. Bear in mind that postcard publishing — like other types of regional publishing — is often small-time, local, and niche-orientated. First of all, you need to understand that not all postcards are created equally. With a license, the publisher can use the image according to the agreed terms, but you still retain the copyright so you can use the image yourself. Make your postcards different and better. If you supply printed postcards to a distributor or retailer, they will likely pay you a certain amount per card sold, often as a percentage of the retail price. 5 Methods for Creating and Selling Cards Online. That my pics can’t be similar to other postcards? The only thing you will have to do is mail them. How to Sell Postcards Yourself Visit local stores that typically sell postcards. I have hundreds of post cards that range from 100 to 125 years old. These are probably standard terms and they seem typical for the industry. 99 If you're a 20-something with no interest in children, it's probably not a great idea to try and write children's birthday cards. Money is better than no money! You can use a... 2. Invite friends who you think would be interested. If you’re more motivated by seeing your work published than getting any money, you could offer to license the image for free, or in exchange for some finished postcards to give to your family and friends. For many photographers who sell their work to postcard companies, it is just that satisfaction that motivates them. If you supply the image (and the selling source does the printing/publishing), then they may license your image for a set amount, possibly depending on the quantity they think they can sell. Note that you would offer to “license” the image rather than give them the “copyright". Hopefully though, they’ll be interested. For example, for a birthday themed scrapbook card you could glue bits of wrapping paper, ribbon, and a stick of a birthday cake on the front of the card. Share media on a regular basis. Keep in mind you'll probably need a special printer to print cards. Is it possible to use random images off the Internet to make postcards? Just Listed Postcards. These include cards with pop ups inside, cards that can be folded into different shapes, and cards with slots to place money or gift cards. Pay attention to the peaks in the market. Postcard printing from The UPS Store. I have never seen a lot of cards I have. Every postcard you make will not only give you hands-on practice but will also provide valuable insight into your target audience. 1. We’ve helped thousands of business owners translate their ideas into clear, eye-catching, and memorable postcards. Trade with a postcard dealer. In ps_get_permalink but no post_id supplied, from ps_breadcrumbs. See Sell Postcards and Directory of Postcard Printers (Digital). They may offer you a one-time license, to use the image indefinitely. It is hard to find publishers for your postcards. Joshua Duvauchelle is a certified personal trainer and health journalist, relationships expert and gardening specialist. So, I thought this was a great idea and; thought I could make extra $$ like when I used to give private piano lessons. It’s helpful to add a copyright notice to your postcards (e.g. If so, how do I need to alter them? Posters of a private building from a public viewpoint were considered “fair use” (of a service mark). For the most part, however, they're 3.5-inch by 5-inch, 4.25-inch by 6-inch, or 5-inch by 7-inch. More elaborate decorations are also in at the moment. A scrapbook card is made with an assortment of decorations glued to nice paper. Fulfill custom greeting card requests on freelance sites. I’ve seen postcards of downtown Nashville and I can picture my postcards side by side in the same touristy rack. No, it is generally not legal to use photos off the Internet on products for sale. How do you sell your product? Thank you for your time. However, you might do a great job of selling greeting cards to young adults. While it is better to have higher quality images of the cards, just using an iPhone camera in decent … Tape the cardboard to the cardboard to secure them--not to the postcards. Established companies often have established rates, which you can accept or walk away from. Simply cut cardboard down into small rectangles and use them as postcards. So, I took LOTS of pics. Greeting cards (4x6 or 5x7) usually sell between $2.00 and $3.50 per card, depending on variables like size, store location, photo subject, and the physical materials of the card. You'll need Vinyl and Transfer Tape. If you want to make any appreciable money I would rule out self-publishing. My postcards are of everyday pictures that i have taken and then I go to the word of GOD, the bible and get a scripture to go along with the picture. What do you think? My question, when I try and get local stores to buy my postcards, do I need to have some sort of contract in hand? Best For: Generating buyer leads for your subject property and additional … Alternatively, you can print your own. OH! If you are looking to sell your entire collection to a trusted buyer with over 30 years experience buying from the public, you have found the right place. Instead, we’re talking about printing your photos to the postcards themselves, and selling those. 60 Pieces Fun Facts Postcard Animal Fun Fact Postcards Fun Fact Theme Postcards Funny Postcards for Kid Teacher, 4 x 6 Inches 4.0 out of 5 stars 70 $12.99 $ 12 . Optionally you can register your copyright. I have not seen any postcard pics of this lake in downtown touristy Nashville. Again you can do this on eBay or on a ‘card market’. Write on the back like any postcard and send it off with a stamp in the top right corner. Published photos from before 1923 (in the U.S.) do not have copyright protection (they are said to be in the “public domain”) and anyone can copy them. These are fun, especially around the holidays. Greeting cards can be printed in a variety of sizes. I mean that’s why I want to put my pics/postcards out there. I guess the best way to put it is inspirational postcads. Cards with scrapbook-like decorations are also in. How would you go about it? Hi there. Taking a good look at the price of cards already available will help to … They have created a massive resource of images, hymns and prose for people to buy. Although many cards will only fetch a few dollars, there are exceptions, and it can be great fun sorting through bundles of cards and trying to spot the gems. Make sure, if you are shipping your cards to customers, they get to their destination safely. Make sure you choose a target audience you have a personal connection with. BTW. Instead, license images from a microstock agency such as Shutterstock. Place your postcards in plastic sleeves, if they are not kept in them already. The fun designs make the perfect mailbox treasure. Sure, you get to keep a much larger percentage of the money, but you have to ask yourself if want to sell photos or run a publishing company. Selling postcards to make money can be a successful business opportunity, but requires careful planning and execution. Also, they may already have a postcard with the same picture as yours, they may not see a market for your image, or they may simply not be printing new cards at this time. Publishers are looking for something that is not just as good as their current offering but is better, that will add to their line-up, that will attract buyers and fly off the shelves. Even if you feel your ideas are slightly unconventional, anything that sets you apart can help. He said he h… Unfortunately, it’s likely that you won’t get a reply since most publishers probably get many such submittals and already have an arrangement with one photographer, or a few photographers. Are your cards... 3. When it sells, have your machine cut one more out, ready to ship. Create a Facebook page for your cards, with a fun and catchy name. How to Make Easy Money Selling Tourist Postcards 1. NOTE: Make sure your postcard fits and the border will not be cut off. This requires some effort, time and up-front money to do the printing and distribution. Fall and summer weddings are common, so these seasons often result in increased sales. The key is to make your postcard templates relevant to the each shop's customers, which infinitely increases the chances they'll want to send your postcards to friends who share similar interests. U.S. “© Your Name”) to make others aware of your copyright ownership, and to use as evidence if some issue comes up. Could the contract interesting be or not at all? Bumper stickers are perfect because they are simple and cheap to ship. 1. Create designs to market as postcards. Follow these tips to become a pro at selling cards on eBay: Document your product. Just something on the side. Hi i have this one nature picture that i like alot. Sell handcrafted cards on Etsy or another marketplace. about $7 for a $21 book). You can find the proper paper at a local print shop. You'll also need big enough envelops to sell alongside the cards. This requires some effort, time … Many of the bigger companies, such as Hallmark, may want to stick to established providers but if you're diligent you may find a company looking for new ideas. Now that you’re selling postcards, you’re only one fold away from selling greeting cards. If you need a little inspiration getting started, check out our postcards! (Privacy being photographing people in private situations, or disclosing private facts). ChromaZone Publishing (a postcard publisher in Holland) is interested in one of my panorama photography and offers: A) card royalty contract (12% of the Distribution Price € 0.30=€ 0.036), or B) buy-out for the card rights for 5 years for € 70. Rhyming words are usually reserved for funny or crude cards. To find a publisher, see my Directory of Postcard Publishers, or, in your case, do a Google search for Christian Postcard Publishers. When I went to Nashville, TN. They may allow you to set up a display “on consignment” which means you provide everything and they only pay you for postcards that sell. You can do this online (at in the U.S.) for a nominal fee, and you can register a group of photos for one submittal and price. If they have an email address or web site listed, you could contact them beforehand to see if they’re worth the effort. Go for it! Think about it. I am wanting to sell my postcards that have been taken by me. You can have Halloween, Christmas, or Thanksgiving themed window cards. I have put my pictures there and have selected charities to give any royalties to. I’m often asked how I make my greeting cards. If you want to sell postcards to tourists, you need to start with spectacular photos. On the back should be the address of the publisher. The best place to start is to find some postcards with similar pictures. Print postcards quickly and affordably using one of our postcard templates. Get great photos. Decide on a brand. Make just one and take fabulous pictures of it. It creates a window into a scene. Sign the contract, get paid, and start taking more photos to license! Build your own website to sell your cards. Are there any Canadian resources you could recommend to help me better navigate this process? On the plus side, postcards are the lowest-cost way to tangibly publish your own work. What are the restrictions in the US, when selling selfmade postcards from your own photographs of a public building, such as a windmill or a church? If so, do I need to alter these images? Window cards are cards where the cover has sections removed so you can peak inside the card. Write on the back and Send it! Your brand is the defining aspect of your company. There are other ways to make money by selling the photos as-is, such as the ways discussed here. (As soon as you take a photo, it has copyright and you are the owner). Understand the greeting card industry is incredibly competitive. I am trying to find someone to publish some postcards for me. What We Buy. Cereal boxes cut to size work well for this purpose. (Photos from 1923 to 1976 only have protection if the copyright was registered, renewed, and notic provided). Sometimes, I will lose my border by how the machine cuts the photograph, so you may have to make little edits at the machine. Settle on a target audience to help determine your brand. Visit local gift shops to compare competitors’ postcards (in fact, it’s a... 3. As yet another way to make money, let’s dive in and see how we can make some money in the postcard world. This is like being handed free money. Do you need to copyright your images on the postcards? Send a nicely-printed sample to the publisher and see if you get a response. Just for a quick example, I was once on the phone with a photographer who was starting his own greeting card company. But what would be a simpler way w/out too much complication? As well as planning the types of cards to sell, you will also need to determine your production calendar. Some are just so cute I’d like to share them. Registration gives you additional legal options, particularly if you go to court, but it is not necessary. You make a whopping $200 on every order you get. If you're looking to break into the greeting card business, you'll need to know a bit about the... 2. The payment may not be much, perhaps $100, but at least You’ll get your picture published. You don’t need to do anything to copyright your images, as copyright is automatic. I learned about Percy Priest Lake. Marketing with postcards continues to be one of the most popular and successful ways to build your business for a lifetime of profitability. As with anything, originality, color, and quality count. Ship your postcards. Research the market. The UPS Store makes it easy to get your custom postcards printed and even has a solution for reaching potential customers in your area through direct mail. I got them printed at a local printing place. Is it possible to reproduce cards that old? When I showed my coworkers and friends they said that my pics looked like postcards. Use photographs, drawings, graphic designs, or other artwork to create postcards that can be listed for sale online. Cut out the necessary letters of "Happy Birthday" from a local newspaper or a magazine. Learn how easy it is to sell your pre-1945 postcard collection to us in a private transaction. So, you say that publishers are picky??!! Use premium paper stocks, like 16-point gloss cover or 13-point matte cover. It’s easier for them to work with a small number of photographers as there’s less work — less accounting, less checks to write, less hassle with terms, etc. It is very important that you post pictures of your cards – both front and backside. Stock up on supplies in your local craft store. Writer Bio. Thank you! Without going into a lot of detail, just think of the logistics of printing, selling, delivering, invoicing, collecting, dealing with returns…hopefully you get the idea. These have a homemade feel to them that customers love. there is a christian resource website called Seed Resources, it used to be known as 12 baskets. Also, you will get a high-resolution files, which you will need for printed products and you might not necessarily get with general images on the Internet.

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