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PRINCE2 is a project management methodology that helps you. Initiating a project 4. Why it may be important to pass your PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam first time and what is the pain of failure? In making this decision, the project board will want to look back and ensure the current stage has proceeded satisfactorily, look up, and ensure that the Project Plan and Business Case remain viable, and look forward, by approving the next stage plan. If it is an Exception plan that has been approved, then this would take over from where the previous stage plan left off (the point where the exception occurred), and continue until the end of this (next) stage. “Plan” can be a Project Plan, a Stage Plan, or a Team Plan. Controlling a stage 5. Appoint the executive and project manager The executive represents the interests of the organization (i.e. Initiating a Project takes time and consumes Resources. A PRINCE2 plan is a document describing how Wayne and by whom specific target or set of targets will be achieved. Team Plans. The activities within this process are as follows: 1. management stages. 4. The PRINCE2 Project Manager should be mainly concerned that the products pass their quality tests so product are fit for use. This first process in PRINCE2® is a pre-project process. Initiation Stage Plan Outline Business Case Initiation Stage Plan Project mandate This plan - Is the first plan to be created in a PRINCE2 project - is used by the Project Manager to execute the Initiation Stage. PRINCE2 wiki is open-source and published for free under a Creative Commons license. Managing product delivery 6. Instant access to the HD-Video training system, spreadsheets, exercises, project plans and more. READ MORE on Exception Plan Prince2. Team Plans (if used as they are optional) could comprise just a schedule appended to the Work Package(s) assigned to the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International. A plan will show the products (scope) that will be delivered, perhaps the activities and resources required. Project management guide on Thereafter, this process is triggered whenever the project board approves either a stage plan or exception plan. For most projects however, there will be a need for more than one delivery stage. Approve the stage plan or exception plan, ensure resources are available, set tolerances for the next stage, advise the project manager how often they want to receive the Highlight Report for the next stage, and authorize the project manager to proceed based on the approved stage plan or exception plan. Managing a stage boundary 7. 3. Business Case 2. What will the steps be? Just like when creating the Project Plan, here too the Project Manager will involve other people like the Team Managers and subject matter experts to create a robust Stage Plan. The most complete project management glossary. It is essentially a plan for the planning of the project. Product-based planning is completed in four steps: 1. A PRINCE2 Project is planned, monitored and controlled on a stage-by-stage basis. As the end of a management stage is approaching, this process kicks in. The project board (project sponsors) controls the project. The most complete project management glossary for professional project managers. How to best go about creating the products? Team Managers should agree that their part of the plan is achievable and not forced to depend on overtime to complete work. Release Plan. Release Plan is specific to PRINCE2 Agile and is located between the original Stage Plans and Team Plans. Every PRINCE2 plan, whether it is at project, stage, or team level, should include a number of pieces of information such as a schedule, planning assumptions, lessons learned from previous projects, and product descriptions for the products that are within the scope of the plan. Manage by Exception: A PRINCE2 project has defined tolerances (6 aspects above) for each project objective, to establish limits of delegated authority. Each release is a set of iterations, when their output is supposed to be put into operation. Directing a project 3. Capture previous lesson… Checkpoint report. . You are now getting closer to having the PRINCE2 stages explained because the diagram below shows the first stage involves doing the specifying work and the first part of the design and development work. Start with what it is you want to achieve from the project (ie your objective) and break it down into the things you need to do in order to achieve 5. This report is produced by the team manager, who is a technical manager tasked … If so, then the project board must satisfy themselves that product hand over occurred in line with the, Whether the project board are being asked to confirm a. Creation of the product flow chart diagram It checks that a project is worthwhile. Processes describe who is responsible for taking decisions and when. If the current stage is forecast to go out of tolerance, then the Project Manager will create an Exception Plan instead of a next Stage Plan. There are 7 processes in PRINCE2: 1. The project board may appoint project assurance to carry out some of the reviewing of draft documentation including the Stage Plan or an Exception Plan prior to them Authorising a Stage or Exception Plan. KEY PRINCE2 EXAM CRAM Essentials . The key input to this process is a Project Mandate that defines in business terms the reason for the project and the expected outcome. They may instruct the project manager to initiate premature closure of the project. Product-based planning is often applied in tandem with an activity-centred planning approach (see step 3 above, ‘Planning activities and dependencies’) in order to ensure a balanced final Plan. as a baseline against which to monitor project PRINCE2 employs product-based planning techniques, focusing on identifying the product necessary to achieve project/stage objectives. Stage Plans outline the products to be delivered, the required resources, sometimes the activities if required. Managing a Stage Boundary. Prince2 stage plan template. PRINCE2 wiki is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International. PRINCE2 has many “management products”; each of them can be a document, or something else such as a presentation, video, dashboard, or even phone call. In PRINCE2 we refer to these manageable chunks as stages – actually, they are called Management Stages. They may reject some of the documentation including the stage plan or exception plan and ask the project manager to make alterations or corrections, and come back to them for an approval. The Plans Theme is to provide a framework to design, develop and maintain the Project Plans (including the Project Plan, Stage Plan, Team Plan and Exception Plan). A Project Plan provides the Both of these are appointed by the project’s parent organization. • Establishing clearly the products that must be created on a pro… A plan must contain enough detail and enough information to confirm that the targets are achievable. The Project Manager should have a trusting relationship with the Team Managers, The Project Manager should not bother to ask the Team Managers for lists of detailed activities on how they will deliver products, Keep in mind that the most important thing is that products are delivered and meeting the expected quality requirements, Use a physical or online information radiator to communicate progress. Project Board Progress They have the same structure. Check that any deviations and current forecasts for the project are satisfactory, and if needed review the, Some projects will hand over products to the customer or users during the project rather than just at the end of the project.

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