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Pharmaceutical Brochure

+ 360 degree spiral cleaning

+ Rotating spray

+ Self cleaning

+ Low operating pressure

+ Highly efficient cleaning

+ Minimised fluid consumption & usage of cleaning chemicals

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Scanjet offers a range of tank cleaning machines specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry. The Bio range of tank cleaning devices have been developed following EHEDG guidelines, and have unique self-cleaning features.

The Bio machines are self-powered, offering 360 degree coverage in the tank, while cleaning itself during operation. The cleaning liquid ensures proper lubrication of the machines and drives the internal turbine, powering the rotation of the machines.

The Scanjet Bio machines range from effective rotary spray heads, suitable for moderate cleaning needs to more powerful and robust rotary jet heads for more complex and demanding cleaning applications.

Juice concentrate tanks, dairy tanks, liquid sugar tanks, distillery wash backs and fermentation tanks are just a few examples of process tanks that can be cleaned effectively with the Scanjet Bio range.

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