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Paradigm Shift in Tank Cleaning at JK Paper

Manually cleaning the numerous tanks and other vessels of a pulp & paper plant is not only hard work, more


+ Reduced water use

+ Reduced microbiological levels

+ Improved recycled paper production

+ Increased personnel safety

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As leaders in the global supply of equipment which uses water and chemicals to clean tanks across a wide variety of industries we know some of the pressures facing the manufacture of pulp and paper.

The large volumes of water consumed and effluent discharged requires an optimal approach to cleaning. At Scanjet Systems we call this responsible tank cleaning. This means we don’t just supply you with equipment to clean your tanks to the highest standard and in the shortest time, instead we take care to find a technical solution that will use the lowest volume of water and chemicals, that will enable maximum recycling of cleaning waters and that will release the lowest volume and concentration of effluent.

We know how important it is for your process to be efficient and environmentally responsible and we appreciate water is a scarce resource.

In our team we carry microbiologists, engineers and utilities specialists from the process industries who have the most experience in providing answers to your tank cleaning challenges. With offices based in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific we have additionally developed sales partners with specific pulp and paper industry expertise. Scanjet Systems is the global supplier but with locally placed partners.

Scanjet Systems holds the largest range of tank cleaning machines for pulp and paper applications. Decisions on whether to supply internal or external gearing, electric, mechanical or air driven, single or multi nozzle will depend on the specific vessel application.

In all cases machine reliability is paramount to cope with the intensive environment. In this respect the Scanjet experience of supplying tens of thousands into the marine/shipping market instils confidence since this is a mobile industry which operates globally with few people on board.

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